Top Rainmeter Skins - Itunes,HDD monitors and more

New to Rainmeter and destop apps? Intro to Rainmeter


Mono Alarm - by Kenz0 

A minimalist clock that also come in ten different colours and has a easy setting to alarm to keep you on track with your schedule

>>Mono Alarm Download Page

Linear Clock - by Kenz0 

A very interesting clock that has a unique design which tells time not only by number but the length of the bar as well.
Additionally it changes colour according to different times of day

>>Linear Clock download Page


Nebulous Pack - by delusionaldroid

A Text-based rainmeter pack that includes
-Date + Time
-HDD Montor
-Weather widget by Espiox

Versatile because it does't have a explicit style.
>>Nebulous Pack Download Page

Straight by DiffEQ

Another simple skin. A lot more crisp and a little less heavy on the eyes.

It includes

-Date and Time
-Itunes remote
-Network & CPU Usage
-Ram and HDD Monitors

>>Straight Pack Download Page


Element by RedBlack

A simple HDD monitor that gives you a shortcut to the drive and comes in black and white

>>Element  HDDdownload page
>>Element RAM download page

Pokemon - Bills PC by Serrio

This ones really cool.Shows your system info[RAM, HDD, CPU etc] just like the original Gameboy Pokemon format.

>>Bills PC download page

Rainmeter Windows 7? All Rainmeter Packs are Windows 7 compatible

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Heavy said...

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S. Alistair Blackwater said...


Sniper said...

SPY! Alistair Blackwater is a SPY!

S. Alistair Blackwater said...

What are you all talking about.
Credit it given. I havent re hosted anything:

Ungrateful, this is free advertising for all the hard working rainmeter coders, im promoting them all.

Anonymous said...

They're TF2 jokes.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha...yea I realised too late.
Lol I fail XD

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