what i learnt : The house

The house.

A house is an extension of the architects personality.
One of the more interesting projects for me.Also one of my most succesful.I allowed myself to be myself to fullest and explore styles of rendering that I had previously stifled and suppressed.

I learnt about myself as a designer.

I would say I am Loving of Symmetry, Openness and a good view.
I design in a subtractive manner.Clipping away redundancies and excess. Shying away from the biological growths that many others design. I like to formalize.

I learnt about how I draw and why I draw the way I do.
I like to draw rough.Sketchy lines.Lots of Lines. Unchecked use of colour and rendering.
I owe it to my art teachers.Comics, Manga, and the like.It has its disadvantages but I have been learning other rendering styles to patch its weaknesses.Seeing that i've been drawing since 8th grade.I guess you can say im a late bloomer.

The house really brings all the considerations of architecture together.Aesthetics , function, Comfort , Sustainability, the list goes on. How one regulates how much and how little of all the considerations are expressed shows how the architect thinks and what is most important to him in a house.

Sustainability was also something I gained knowledge of over the course of this last project.Rainwater collection and Solar water heating and energy collection were fairly straight forward sustainable practices that i chose to employ.

Last but not least.
Using combinations of analog and digital media to create presentations.I find it infiniteley easier to draw, scan, print and then render.Rather than slaving in front of a computer for hours on end.Its practice i have been employing since the bath house project and it has been serving me well.

Of course there are times when I will design asymmetrically, additive and biomorphic.

I learnt alot this last project.Maybe too much for one blog post but ill cut it off here.

Also learnt that the half-courtyard is a characteristic of the Mediterranean housing typology.

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