what i learnt: The Shelter

[the shelter]
Design Problem: To design a sustainable dwelling for one person to sleep and study.Should incorporate photovoltaics

Site: Riverbed/Riverband - Hope River Jamaica
Materials:Timber-Virgin and Recycled
Floor space (m2): 5.5m2
Height: Max. 3m - Min. 2 6 m

Solar paneling: Building Iintegrated Photo Voltaics [BIPV] A Semi Transparent solar paneling
Furniture: Compressed Cork Desk - Compressed Wool Stool - Bamboo Bookcase - Hammock Bed - - Reclaimed denim rug
Other features. Trap Door and Floor entrance via rope ladder.

The challenge to design a small space for study and sleep while keeping it eco-friendly and disposable was a interesting twist.I started with a mast and roping system which kept the roof up in a variety of shapes ranging from 8 to 4 sides.It would be accessed via a small 'trap' door and a tree house like rope ladder underneath.

After visiting the site there were a number of good areas for building which could take me on a number of different architectural paths.Some chose in the silt others chose flat areas up river.I chose to build on the rocks.

Architectural Generators
Context and Environmental Factors
Why did I chose the rocky river side? It had a significant height difference in relation to the riverbed and allowed one to observe both up and down the river.If a light/moderate rain fell the structure would be well out of the way of the rivers flow.Those who chose to build in the silt, what would they do?The rocks are easily accessed by both the path to the other villages and is the easier of two routes further up river.
In terms of the experience of the space.I wanted the services provided to be humble and simple.I provided a small pull down table and a hammock type bed.The privacy of the sleeping area was ensured by the book case which wrapped around most of the bed.

Ample light is always a major consideration for me.I provided a ribbon around the facade facing the river.I also had raised paneling to provide ventilation and diffused light in the sleeping area.Additionally since the bed was near floor level i made a low opening covered with rice paper to diffuse the morning light

Construction and Sustainability
.The solar paneling on the roof was Semi Transparent with tinting to allow some light inside without excessive heat gain.

Construction was simple.Panels were carried and slotted into their places on the permanent base.

I honestly would have loved staying the night


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