Man I really cant write when I feel so blah.


RE: Structures Exam

May the problem sets be with you
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The Golden An

Those who dont get the joke.Just wont get it.

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I now know what to write here


The cold needle runs against your skin.
Pulling against every little fibre.


He gauges the weight, dimensions , the severity of the impact and he then just leaves everything to fall.
I will act now. I will act now. I will act now. Henceforth, I will repeat these words each hour, each day, everyday, until the words become as much a habit as my breathing
Even if its against my better judgement.
Why not?
I now see why I dont and shouldnt gamble.

It like...steam building up.These emotions and stuff.
Troublesome things.
Too bad I cant get rid of them all together.
It builds up and seeps through any way it can

Some times it scalds every one around you.

Back to that point where the only person I can honestly talk to is myself.
I really hate repetition.

Abstracts of Destruction, Anger and Solitude
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Cheap and Dirty : Bamboo Skewer Fountain Pens

Really easy to make.Really cheap to create.Ink not included however.

1. Cut skewer at about 20 degrees at the tip[NOT the pointed end] with a slight upward curve along the middle.
2. Next Slice up the length of the skewer.
3. Lastly Cut Perpendicular to the Slice to create a Nib.You can vary the size to vary the line width.

Skewers dont hold ink as well as a $800 calligraphy pen so you will have to dip every 4 letters or so.But it creates a nice effect.
I dunno.Try it or not.

Voila Bambo Fountain pens.

You have basically created This.
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Isnt it Funny?

Isnt it Funny when someone designs a 12 metre high room with a 6 metre high door?

Isnt it funny when people write rubbish on their final paper?

Isnt it funny when your lecturer might have been late and then he gets there earlier?

Isnt it funny when you find back your ink at the END of the semester?

Isnt it funny when all the LOLvultures and LMAOcrows fly in and pitch on all the chairs when certain people are presenting?

Isnt it funny?


Also when your guest critic goes mmmMMMMMM! its pretty funny.

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The Studio

You have the Artists, The aesthetes, The Pragmatics and the philosophers, so naturally they all look for different things no?

I'd love to know what personality types they all are.

With all these different personality types as our lecturers you end up with little pockets of students that all have a certain inclination on one particular focus.This can be particulalry damning when you get critiqued by a new set of lecturers of some other inclination that have their eyes and hearts set on other facets of a project.

Sometimes you dont even know where to go with a project because theyre all unsure/arguing with each other.It gets very confusing when you have all your lecturers arguing and coming to no definite conclusion.

Who to believe?

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Long overdue - Ressurection of my blog

ITS ALIVE!!! [again]

So I've been feeling inspired of late and I might as well begin posting stuff again.If its even just school related stuff, ill keep posting.
Also I promised myself to scan and upload more stuff next year.

Things to do: Continue photoshopping the background.
Placement of menu bar graphic vs
active area is a bit off
Keep posting

Yours Truly,
Alistair Douglas
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Soliloquy of sorts

Just talking to myself as per usual and pouring myself out to the vastness internet.
Today was a horrible day, not omg my cat died horrible just stuck-in-mud personal slump horrible.
Tired.Malcontent.Bad conversation.People playing loud dancehall.Very-few-things-matter-everything-can-go-to-hell mood *sigh*

I havent had a cup of good coffee in ages.I think Ill do that.Also haven't had a good glass of wine in a long while too.

This article really has no point.I cant find my book to write in so im writing here
Anything that comes to mind
Im a bit of a mild hypergraphic you see.The overwhelming urge to write -I usually don't want to until I'm in a bad mood which tends to intensify it all.

So i just write write write write.Cant believe I left the damn book.Anyway,Apparently a girl got raeped[sp.] outside my gate.Uncool. Its also 2x as hard to get into the complex now.

I should probably get some work done tomorrow.Semester is almost over.

Still not done writing but I don't really have anything to say. Haven't let it all out.

Not so random thought:
If you have no arms do you get sexually frustrated?

Need to exercise.Blah whatever.
Im done [For now at least]

Lol poor depression dog.Hes the saddest meme on the internet.Also booksack lol.

Digital Media Design Lecture Notes

Llecture notes for DDM. 09. Im sure your aware we have a loltest next week.
The file is in WinRAR format. If you suck and dont have winrar installed already download here[or dont whatever lol]

Links @ sendspace. Rapidshare was being a bitch
Part 1
Part 2

Approx. 45Mb and 80 mb respectively

Message me if the link is dead.

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Matthew Frederick , The pocket guide for Architecture students - 101 Things I learned in Architecture School

101 things i learnt in Architecture School

101 Things I learned in Architecture School

2008 Silver Award Winner, Architecture Category, Independent Publisher Book Awards. and Winning entry, General Trade Illustrated Category, in the 2008 New England Book Show sponsored by Bookbuilders of Boston.

This is a book that students of architecture will want to keep in the studio and in their backpacks. It is also a book they may want to keep out of view of their professors, for it expresses in clear and simple language things that tend to be murky and abstruse in the classroom. These 101 concise lessons in design, drawing, the creative process, and presentation—from the basics of "How to Draw a Line" to the complexities of color theory—provide a much-needed primer in architectural literacy, making concrete what too often is left nebulous or open-ended in the architecture curriculum. Each lesson utilizes a two-page format, with a brief explanation and an illustration that can range from diagrammatic to whimsical.

Also Adobe Acrobat Reader can be a bit slow when handling Large pdfs especially with images

An alternative is to use mobipocket reader.If you hate reading stuff on the computer this program is for you.
Allows for Annotation , bookmarking change font size/colour/spacing. Has a dictionary. It makes reading on the computer a LOT easier.
Full width layout
Multi Column options

Just drag the pdf into the ebook column.It will convert it and Voila!

Small file.
Download Mobipocket Reader Here
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Headphones - Because Sound quality is important

Skullcandy G.I Headphones

Types of Head phones

Over Heads
Overheads always have better sound quality and range due to the fact that the magnet and the film are considerably larger.The DJ and sound junkies choice

BOSE is your best bet for noise cancelling headphones.However they cost $200 US.Serious High End Headphones

Beats by Dre are also some rather expensive over heads.Not noise cancelling however Avg Price $220US
Skullcandies are my favourite brand of headphones for style and sound on a budget.Medium end Headphones. $60 US - $30 US. Buds are $20US
Walmart is your friend.

Buds/Hammerheads/Over Ears/etc
All great for light listening and jogging and what not.

When your earbuds warp...
Earbuds work beacause of a vibratory film against the edge of the bud.Sometimes they get a bit crumpled and start to warble.This can be rather dissonant.
A quick fix is to inhale or exhale around the buds depending on the design. This pulls the film back into its original position.

When your headphones short out...
Im sure we all had a pair of headphones and one day one of the ears just go *pft*....Useless headphones.
You have a short. Sucks to be you. It can be fixed but I dont know how to do that.

What I do know is to prevent it from happening.Usually shorts occur when the wire bends back and forth multiple times until it starts to sever.The most common place for this to occur is at the jack[the plug in part].
Scabby people like me cant afford to buy two pairs of Skullcandy Headphones so I get some kind of stiff paper or acetate[The see through folder cover stuff] and wrap it around the jack and have it extend a little higher than where the cord starts.Tape it down tightly and voila !
Rationale: Headphones are less likely to short midway in the cord.

Water in your headphones...
roflcopter YUH GET JOOK!

Photo taken from The Afflicted Yard
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Sometimes I could love the World

And thats that.


Who has the pokeflute?!

This is how I feel
Attempting to summon some reserve energy



So I was going to write a really funny blog article but life just likes to kick you in the balls sometimeS


Rainmeter Pack of the Week :Moxx - A crisp, clean skin

The Moxx Pack - Moxx.Pack was created by Albinozz

This is a very useful pack that contains almost every widget that you will probably ever need.

Moxx Pack Features.
HDD Meter
Battery Charge+Status Meter
CPU and RAM meter
Time and Date
Notes and To Do list - Very Sleek & Cool
And a Slideshow picture Viewer
Also features a Winamp and Weather Widget.

ADDITIONALLY these widgets are all minimizable and the black and white theme goes well with most backgrounds.

Click to enlarge.
Moxx.Pack can be downloaded here
RE: installation: Read the instructions or ask a question.(It's pretty easy though)

The calendar on the right hand side is called Simplemeter v1.01

Rainmeter Windows 7? All Rainmeter Packs are Windows 7 compatible

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Intro to Rainmeter
Top rainmeter Apps
All in one Rainmeter pack - Moxx


Firefox Personas - Customization and Skins

Skinning Mozilla Firefox(HAHA I MADE A FUNNY!)

Even though I use the Google Chrome browser primarily, Firefox is still a stable and reliable browser.I hold it in High Esteem.

One interesting addition they made for Firefox is the persona.
The persona is basically a lightweigt skin for Firefox. Easy to add , Easy to change.

This is the FF Default
Consider these (Click to enlarge)

Over 9000 years ago changing the theme/skin of Firefox was a bit annoying.This is all sorted out so FF can always match your personal style.

How to activate Personas

1. Ensure you have the latest build of Firefox.
Press Help and press Check for updates or head over to the FF Main site .
2. After updating/Dowloading or otherwise making sure you are up to date go to Get Personas The main Mozilla run site for personas
3.Download and install. Next Next Next I agree , You know the drill. There should be a little fox icon in the bottom left corner of your screen
4.Time to pick your persona! Either go to the persona Gallery or Right click the Fox Icon
Mouse over a design to preview it.
Click the design and press Wear This! to activate it.

How to make your own:

How to create personas in 4 easy-ish steps
Go read their steps. All you need to know is that the image resolution needs to be big
3000px wide x 200px for the Header(Top Image) and 3000px wide x 100px for the Footer(Bottom image)

Archaic Implosion
A Persona I made when it just Released.I was idle.



The Origin of the word PWNED

i lol'd
Most gamers know pwned already, Also watch rant on asian dramas in the related videos when its finished


Michael Jackson dies at 50: reports

Michael Jackson dies at 50: reports from CBC

So Micheal Jackson is dead.
Died of a heart attack I hear

Some will lol
Some will BAAWWW
I for one am aloof


A short commentary on the cell phone business in Jamaica

Anyone noticed that Claro is almost beating the Election Madness in advertising frequency? They must have found a oil deposit beneath that red and black monolith because the amount of money that they pump into advertising is phenomenal. Although I'd buy a Claro phone just for the calling people for free and the rates.Good stuff.

Digicel is doing they're usual tactic and is harping on and on about how everyone has a Digicel.Which is in direct contrast to Claro which naturally has a small customer base and few service towers around the island. Nevertheless Digicel, hows about some free credit huh?Or lower rates?

LIME...Poor LIME. I don't even know that they're doing right now.Maybe, just maybe they are charging up for something spectacular.

If you look at it its a really interesting play of power going on in Jamaica
All for your precious $120...

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CSA - The new logo

CSA needs a new logo.It took some serious thought for me to even remember it was Knights in the first place.Cant bother introduce the topic, straight to the Competition!
The Eliminations

CSA Foxes
The picture in the gallery was a bit too cute.The only reason this logo wouldnt work is becasue its from Metal Gear Solid and people will recognize it
CSA wolves
My 2nd Choice. Wolves are cool, they bite and their nocturnal like the average Architerus Studentus
CSA Night Owls/Owls
Tis AWRITE. Not very RAWR~ though

CSA Spartans
Also a good choice.
CSA Panthers
As far as the images go this was my pick
CSA Jaguars
Same as above, different name
CSA pharaohs
hmmmm naaah...Too 'something' cant quite put my finger on it

Other Ideas

CSA Crocs
CSA Stingrays (Poor Steve...)
CSA Barracudas (Did not sit well)

fish mascot ANYTHING AQUATIC in JA is not a good idea, although barracudas are pretty cool
CSA Masons ( O LAWD...ditto x 20)
Yallz Got Jokes!...

The Top 3

Its been cut down to a top 3
Panthers, Spartans and Wolves are in the lead.
Editing is still going on to get the logos perfect.

PANTHERS Won 1st with 19 Votes
WOLVES in 2nd with 7 Votes 
SPARTANS in 3rd place with 4 votes lol

Not sure if voting is officially closed I am not at the liberty to say anything on that matter so go check the discussion board!

The image gallery
The Discussion board and Group Page
The Ballots

I will calmly reply. "My blog is thin, it conserves space"
Additionally i apologize for the retarded photoshoopz
And NO i couldn't bother search through all my custom fonts for a good one...


CSA Summer UTECH Architecture Course

Click to Enlarge
Caribbean School of Architecture -  Summer Programme.CSA
Wanna see what architecture is about?(I think) Give them a call

I don't even know why I'm helping these guys advertise -_-


Emoticons for MSN : Creation and Galleries

You can either make your own or use pre made emoticons

Make your own
 Using Paint/Photoshop Emotcion Tutorial. For those using more advanced versions of PS press save for Web and devices if you want a moving image to work on the net.

I put in the last 10 or so.The uploaded emoticons are public so you might see something you like
Emoticonize.com Here
A extremely easy way to make your own emoticons. All you have to do is put in a picture(squares work best) Press create. Naming is optional and if you want it made so that the whole world cant see it that option is availabe too.

Note: The emoticons you make will be larger than normal. Additionally this site is  .GIF compatible id est Moving Images

These make up the base of my emoticon arsenal.

Onion Head Emoticons
A very popular emoticon set.Female version available.
Onion Club-Official Site (Site Gallery)
Anikaos Gallery 4 Pages + Display Pictures

Pyong the Red Fox Emoticons
Pyong the Red Fox
Anikaos.com Page 1 2 3 4 5 6

Yoyo and Cici User Gallery

Tuzki/Tazko the Rabbit
Full Gallery here

How to add them:
Save the image
Emoticonize it if its not animated(If its animated it already will be at a decent size)
Go to Messenger and Press Add/Edit Emoticons
Find your File and input a command
Naming is optional

When you input commands plan ahead,Use your brain! DO NOT write a command like 'cool' because then you cant spell School or cooler or anything else like that.
Whats the solution?
USE CAPS or do what I do, use a slash '
/' /cool /angry and you can begin to even sort them out
e.g i use
/oangry for a angry onion head and /mangry for a angry monkey emoti.

Its annoying for the person your talking to to have to decipher what your saying.Netiquette...Get some.

The Messenger Plus Quick Icons Panel

(I made ^ Tis crude but w/e )

After you've added your emoticons getting them sorted is easy.

Click on the Messenger Plus Icon go to Preferences and Options
Go to the Conversations tab and click on Quick Icons
Press Add and Name the Emoti panel
Press Add and you should see a window with all your emoticons in there.
To select multiple files hold down CTRL and click
After selecting your files press ok
On your way out Make sure to uncheck the first box and check the second one.
The Second box is the important one.The first I just personally find it severely annoying.
Also you can change the size of the QP

Voila Enjoy Emoti-ing Photobucket

Wisdom Suite: Summer T's

The Wisdom Tees are now available.

Go With Wisdom*
*(because you dont want lolstupid things to happen to you hm?)
Thats the slogan.I'd wear all of them actually.

Mouse over in the Top Right Corner to see the Tees


      Teach Us...
      My Fave. Id want it in black with the design in white.

      Not for Me
      Fires of Crisis
      I personally like this one too

      Contacts: Wisdom Suite Tees



      Copyright 2010 DONT COME HERE.

      What are you doing all the way down HERE?