The War of the 3 Nations

At one time all the cell phone nations lived in peace
Then the CLARO attacked! Attacking with a fresh name, ad campaign and phone deals, Claro was becoming a threat.
This tipping of the scales sparked off war as the two elder nations were enr
aged at this depoled youngsters move to usurp their power and sway over the land.

Lime made the first move.One million US dollars for one lucky person for the Christmas.Thats 76 million Jamaican dollars.The masses were awed but just as they reached to buy their credit, A grand proclamation was given Digicel out by Digicel of Mini-Coopers not of greater value but certainly enough to keep all their devout followers to turn their eyes back on their homeland.
The elder nations judged Claro to be devoid of capital after a extensive ad campaign and upkeep costs, however Claro wasnt done yet! Claro launched a great counter offensive , Toppling Digicel offers  with visions of Benz's, Laptops and phones.Also pressuring LIME adding to the stress and strain of having enemies on all sides.

The war waged through the Christmas.The people were besieged by volleys of Ads and armies of flyers but as all wars wage the warring parties are all weakened and the War of the three nations died down.

Until another time...
Jamaica Land we Love


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