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The Crit overall was better than most expected. our First guest jurors were actually quite cool.

If i get the pics i mite post them up here but im tired right about now.

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Working on Saturday is actually quite good. The studio is quiet and you can really get to whatever you planned to do.HOWEVER the mosquitoes are such a pain! i had to invent mosquito armor.

Ingredients - Tw0 11" by 17" papers

1)Procure paper
2)Wrap one around each leg
3)Tape down for mosquito bite alleviation

Brilliant huh?


Ancient Evils

Well Ive started to read manga again

i reckon it will be taking up a lot of my valuable time

reading Soul Eater (Tired of stuff like Naruto and Bleach)

Trying to decipher the picture?lol


Unique Buildings + Math Question


Great site for buildings.All categorized for easy browsing.Check the Oddly shaped buildings category for good buildings for math homework

I am doing the Gheens Science Hall & Planetarium so choose something else.IMAGE BELOW IS NOT THE ONE IM DOING

Mathematics in Architecture

(1) Model

The model must be 3D say you like Eiffel Tower. So build a 3D about 2 ft tall. Highlight the curve which depicts the mathematical principles behind it.

(2) In an illustration board or cartridge paper, paste the printed 2D drawing of the model from the internet. Surround it with INFORMATION behind the model - the APPLIED MATH. Keep the wordings to the minimum. Use equations rather than long declarative sentences. Few words.

Evaluation: Model (Choice, color, coordination, pattern) 50%
Info Sheet (Accuracy, proportion, impact) 50%

Use LOCAL and FOREIGN IDEAS. I am sending you my home-sweet-home.

CHAIR: Amanda McCreath VICE-CHAIR: Kirk Lewis

Date of Exhibition: Nov 28, 2008 FRIDAY. Invite your family and friends. (AS1 MATH and AS2 MATERIALS and CONSTRUCTION)





Over Exertion

Writers block -> Artist block __________Bloggers block???
Made too many post in a short space of time.. * pant pant* ill...post some more eventually...
.im charging up

later ppl



Those who wait for help
will be utterly helpless
for eternity

A Japanese poem consisting of 5 syllables then 7 the 5 again

(pic extremely unrelated)

Be Just or Be Dead

Capital Punishment

One might have a slight hunch that something is wrong with our society.Accounts of recent abductions plaguing out country have launched the greater populace into a state of paranoia.Something new needs to be done within the nation and capital punishment eagerly keeps shouting Pick me! Is it the right way forward?

Supporters of the Gaol speak of advantages of it such as "Freeing up" space in jails, Scaring criminals out of crime and a reduction in hte amount of taxpayers money being eaten up by criminals.Harsh times Harsh measures?

However ethics is a expert at putting one at two minds on almost anything as what if comes into play.What happens if you kill the wrong man? Must the tree of liberty be refreshed with the blood of patriots and traitors alike?

100 criminals for every innocent man?
im not sure but some particularly wicked people need to just die


Unique Music - The Venetian Snares

This song is perfect in my ears.Beautiful music.Its Techno plus Drum and Bass with a dose of Clasical which puts this song somewhere in a sub genre like Beethoven Virus*

*Techno has a lot of sub genres (maybe more than music itself)

Math Oral Presentation

Mr. Absin


How to go about it:

(1) From whatever sources, find an equation of any conic mentioned above in general form.

(2) You must be able to explain the transformation of the equation into Standard Form (on the board)

(3) You musy be able to determine the properties of your conics including directrix and eccentricities.

(4) With power point slides, draw your conic enhanced by animation and colour.

(5) Find a picture or video or slides from the internet where your conic is applied. Example of this is the one I sent to your class representatives on PARABOLA. Or perhaps, you can make your own video highlighting an application of your conic. or example, the Ring Road depicting the application of a circle.

With your best attire and mood, come to class next week (AS1-A Tues & AS1-B Wed).

Grading: Excellence in explaining the transformation of the equation -
& finding all the properties. - 25%

Quality of the Power Point Slides in Graphing the Conic - 25%
How you explain math in the application of you Conic - 50%



Today i feel like sitting in a hammock, playing chess, over warm brandy and ice cold coke, with croissants and dark chocolate.

Gone to bed

Abysmal lol

wow that was bad....yep pretty bad...
Architecture Layouts


Luke Skywalker I AM YOUR FATHER!

Ethics of the Sith

Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
The Force shall free me(edit)

(Star Wars is among the classics.Standing beside Tetris, Pacman and Mario)


Obama won...REALLY good event in world history.BY a good margin too ...undisputable , i hope no white supremacists start any violence OR any dumb Niagras do anything stupid either.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
yes use 40 seconds of ur life and watch this

I hope for change, peace and that no assassins or anti-christs pop up any time soon.

YAY Obama Kudos to you!!!


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