Be Just or Be Dead

Capital Punishment

One might have a slight hunch that something is wrong with our society.Accounts of recent abductions plaguing out country have launched the greater populace into a state of paranoia.Something new needs to be done within the nation and capital punishment eagerly keeps shouting Pick me! Is it the right way forward?

Supporters of the Gaol speak of advantages of it such as "Freeing up" space in jails, Scaring criminals out of crime and a reduction in hte amount of taxpayers money being eaten up by criminals.Harsh times Harsh measures?

However ethics is a expert at putting one at two minds on almost anything as what if comes into play.What happens if you kill the wrong man? Must the tree of liberty be refreshed with the blood of patriots and traitors alike?

100 criminals for every innocent man?
im not sure but some particularly wicked people need to just die


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