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You have the Artists, The aesthetes, The Pragmatics and the philosophers, so naturally they all look for different things no?

I'd love to know what personality types they all are.

With all these different personality types as our lecturers you end up with little pockets of students that all have a certain inclination on one particular focus.This can be particulalry damning when you get critiqued by a new set of lecturers of some other inclination that have their eyes and hearts set on other facets of a project.

Sometimes you dont even know where to go with a project because theyre all unsure/arguing with each other.It gets very confusing when you have all your lecturers arguing and coming to no definite conclusion.

Who to believe?

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Long overdue - Ressurection of my blog

ITS ALIVE!!! [again]

So I've been feeling inspired of late and I might as well begin posting stuff again.If its even just school related stuff, ill keep posting.
Also I promised myself to scan and upload more stuff next year.

Things to do: Continue photoshopping the background.
Placement of menu bar graphic vs
active area is a bit off
Keep posting

Yours Truly,
Alistair Douglas
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Soliloquy of sorts

Just talking to myself as per usual and pouring myself out to the vastness internet.
Today was a horrible day, not omg my cat died horrible just stuck-in-mud personal slump horrible.
Tired.Malcontent.Bad conversation.People playing loud dancehall.Very-few-things-matter-everything-can-go-to-hell mood *sigh*

I havent had a cup of good coffee in ages.I think Ill do that.Also haven't had a good glass of wine in a long while too.

This article really has no point.I cant find my book to write in so im writing here
Anything that comes to mind
Im a bit of a mild hypergraphic you see.The overwhelming urge to write -I usually don't want to until I'm in a bad mood which tends to intensify it all.

So i just write write write write.Cant believe I left the damn book.Anyway,Apparently a girl got raeped[sp.] outside my gate.Uncool. Its also 2x as hard to get into the complex now.

I should probably get some work done tomorrow.Semester is almost over.

Still not done writing but I don't really have anything to say. Haven't let it all out.

Not so random thought:
If you have no arms do you get sexually frustrated?

Need to exercise.Blah whatever.
Im done [For now at least]

Lol poor depression dog.Hes the saddest meme on the internet.Also booksack lol.

Digital Media Design Lecture Notes

Llecture notes for DDM. 09. Im sure your aware we have a loltest next week.
The file is in WinRAR format. If you suck and dont have winrar installed already download here[or dont whatever lol]

Links @ sendspace. Rapidshare was being a bitch
Part 1
Part 2

Approx. 45Mb and 80 mb respectively

Message me if the link is dead.

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