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Overall Rating: Fail
Ill keep adding stuff, just like Damage Report
  • When people act and talk like theyre on 4chan but theyre on facebook, its just plain creepy.
  • 4chan-speak must be for anonymous sort of


Dont do Drugs Kids!

So i was reading some of the effects of different drugs.interesting stuff.NOw i know that special K is LSD.

LSD Effects - "Enjoy your hallucinations"

Experience of the K-hole may include distortions in bodily awareness, such as the feeling that one's body is being tugged, or is gliding on silk, flying, or has grown very large or distended. Users have reported the sensation of their soul leaving their human body. Users have also often reported feeling more skeletal or becomi

ng more aware of their bones - the shape of their hands is also often of interest. Users may experience worlds or dimensions that are ineffable, all the while being completely unaware of their individual identities or the external world. Users have reported intense hallucinations including visual hallucinations, perceptions of falling, fast and gradual movement and flying, 'seeing god', feeling connected to other users, objects and the cosmos, experiencing psychic connections, and shared hallucinations and thoughts with adjacent users.

Users may feel as though their perceptions are located so deep inside the mind that the real world seems distant (hence the use of a "hole" to describe the experience). Some users may not remember this part of the experience after regaining consciousness, in the same way that a person may forget a dream. Owing to the role of the NMDA receptor in long-term potentiation, this may be due to disturbances in memory formation. The "re-integration" process is slow, and the user gradually becomes aware of surroundings. At first, users may not remember their own names, or even know that they are human, or what that means. Movement is extremely difficult, and a user may not be aware that he or she has a body at all.
Exctasy Effects - "Some one touches you,Jizz in your pants"

Short-term experiential effects, which tend to last less than 4 hours, include:

  • Mental and physical euphoria Nagle style
  • A sense of general well-being and contentedness
  • Decreased negative emotion and behavior such as stress, anxiety, fear, and paranoia
  • Increased sociability and feelings of communication being easy or simple
  • Increased urge to communicate with others.
  • Increased empathy and feelings of closeness or connection with others
  • Reduced insecurity, defensiveness, and fear of emotional injury
  • Decreased irritability, aggression, anger, and jealousy
  • A sense of increased insightfulness and introspection
  • Mild psychedelia (colors and sounds are enhanced, mild closed-eye visuals, improved pattern recognition, etc)
  • Enhanced tactile sensations (touching, hugging, and sex for example all feel better)

Effects beginning after the main effects of MDMA have ended, which can last several days, include:

Increased perspiration and sweating - Enjoy your dehydration, Also if you drink too much water you can kill yourself too = hyponatremia,

Yea im tired now soooo 
Gnitte PPL


A cauldron of high pitched techno, flashing lights , all covering darkness with a hint of sex and drugs.

I enjoyed myself, mainly cause i didn't care what i was doing.It was so Euros*.

So this was my first rave. 8 of us.

3 of us got totalled.[Of course my tolerance level is pretty high so i didn't do anything silly :P
Rolling around on the floor by Gauntlet-san and Gama-san's Crazy Dancing, twas a night of many lols.

Got offered Ecstasy twice. double lol. AH DON'T WANT NONE O DAT $***!
The turnout was actually not bad.Was a small party and it got pretty dense pretty fast.The pool was drained out and was about full towards 1am. Good stuff.Then they turned on a hose and the lights ,more good stuff.
Definitely going to one of those again.Hopefully less crazy shit happens and more glow stix happen and a tad bit of rock music.

*Cash is for americans and recessions [ i.e.  the exclamation-  Shit was so cash!]



Title says enough.Watch it.It is relevant to every musically inclined jamaican in the world.
Although the pirating is getting a bit outrageous sometimes though

Obama passes a new search your laptops and computers law.Including travelers.They have the power to delete,listen or charge you for any file deemed stolen.JUST WATCH THE DAMN VIDEO. MINUS 100000000 COOL POINTS OBAMA!!

The Eternal Scourge 

An Ode to Pirates
Fear not,
Torrents shall never come to an end.
Fear not,
 Although Limewire shall die before you another shall rise in its place.
If Axxos movies are banished from us forever someone shall take up his blade.
The Eternal Scourge,
The Corsair of the Internet,
The Pirate...


Good Grief





Damage Report + Everything else

  • Wow i caught a lot of flak today

  • However this is definately one of my better crits.There was a inkling of ok i kind of like your expressive so i was like ok :D.

So we're doing it all over again. Joy...
Later people
Overall Rating : Fairly ROFLy Day

Yea so i have way too many small post soooo ill just keeping adding to this.

27th - 5.3 Handin
  • Utech needs a UPS for the lab so we dont lose our work when the power goes.Twas annoying when the power keeps goin out.

  • Communication studies is FOOLISHNESS!

  • Wendy's and Red Wine.Good stuff

  • I so i went on google webmaster tools and checked out some stats on my blog.Ive realized putting a link or any controversial information [i.e. the rampin shop article] it bumps me up pretty high on google.
Day after Rave - Sunday

  • Can i not have a day that ends in fail....
    Growl...ALMOST ALMOST....blarg

  • Hope Gardens is cool.

  • Where is the rest of my group? :(



Today was a good day

i haven't said that in a while

or maybe it wasnt [sigh]

CONTECH Project 2

UNIT 4 Building Drawings

4.1 Stages in the building design process
4.2 Professional involved in planning and design: architects, engineers, etc
4.3 Persons involved in a building contract
4.4 Blueprint reading: interpreting floor plans, sections, elevations, etc
4.5 Methods of Measurement
4.6 Scales
4.7 Elements of Drawing
4.8 Views in Construction drawings


Quote Me

"Some people have to work extra hard for their C+"
Shaun Douglas

So said, so done


A Series of Unfortunate Events


ARGH Just ran out of Krazy Glue for my S#!% model


Architectural Notions : Solitary Space

I dislike crowds.Small groups are fine.

Its a place for me and me only.Its at my grandmothers house.A 2 metre cube.Very small, i know.Its the type of room i prefer.A coffin for just me.

A plug. A window. A chest of drawers and bed.
All it needs now is internet.

I like being alone sometimes.If know one knows where I'm gone on any given day I'm probably just wandering around the campus or off somewhere far.

I should begin desgning my house with everything i need for a mind like mine





Fonts for your Layouts

So we have these rooms things right...
Our characters need fonts right?
Some links

Im using Celtic styled fonts for Amanda 
[Hint Hint Dont use em]
You need Winrar.
If you dont have Winrar already stop touching your computer you are an abusive parent.Shame.

Open the files. > Extract where ever the hell you please [Preferably all in one location]
Go to Control Panel > Click on fonts > Right Click in a empty area [Vista]
Click install new fonts > Navigate to where you extracted it to > It will autodetect
Select All > Install 


Saturday Night Live

Yes it Timberlake. Ah SNL was funny


Utech Facebook Network


Settings>Network > Type University of Technology >Scroll Down 
I sent them like 1000 emails [lol]


[Accidental Haiku]

After a project.
If only for a hour,
It feels like friday.

I was actually not attempting to make a haiku but it got made all by itself

Bandooloo Tropicana

Minute        Maid         Tropical       Cooler


ABSOLUTELY                      DISGUSTING



LOL viruses...but on a serious note, theyre not funny.
They fag up your computer
So im writing this article rating virus scanners.

There are two types of scanners.
Home based and INT based.

Home based are antivirus proctection software that live on your computer.
Internet base - none or only a small fraction of working files actually reside on your computer.

Home based
Disadvantages for home based scanners the most exploited and common weakness is that just like the human defense system...it can catch AIDS. i.e. the effectiveness of the program can be disabled [which is noticable] or it can be dampened which is harder for you to discern.[You may think your computer is fine].
Advantages: Theyre fast and always on.

Internet based
Good too but obviously arent feasible for round the clock protection.

Disadvantages : Theyre deathly slow [ok not deathly, but its pretty slow]
Sometimes viruses block you from going to online scanner sites or any AVsite for that matter.

Advantages : Not so easy to jack up like Home based AV.Usually multipurpose and you dont need to update your virus definitions.

Home based AV
My top programs

Norton {Internet Security , 360 [Faster] }
Been around for a while,Top of most the charts in AV care.Its a heavy program however,expect some lag if your computer sucks. 3Gigs of ram is nice and a non-sucky processor

Kaspersky [Only the latest]
I wont lie kaspersky is good , but its not as subtle as Norton.Norton is like a spy that slips though all the data going in and out your internet connection and takes out the hacker, silently, like a ninja.Kaspersky kinda runs out with a battle axe and a rocket launcher.The hacker will be blocked either way but your download speeds might not like it if you choose the latter.

Bit defender is decent
Nod 32 [Is ok]
McAfee[Is ok]

AVG is a lower ok...Only if your getting updates maybe...expect false positives and viruses slipping through

These are absolutely useless antivirus.USELESS.I rage over the fact people are making money off that crap...

Internet based scanners
My alltime favourite is

TrendMicro House call
Extremely thorough, searches for not only virus but fixes holes in your firewall that trojans can get through{Vulnerabilities]
so XP users this is for you

Windows live one care [In beta for vista users]
Technically inept people - Beta is like a 75-60% completed construct Alpha is 30-60%
Slow, but thorough.Will defragment your hard drive** , Delete temporary files and other obsolete data [I gained 5 gigs of info that i otherwise would not have been able to delete] and check for fire wall problems.It slow though. 
** Optional -Makes it take even longer

These are pretty much the only good ones i know

Single file scanners
Utility to check if ONE file is infected.It scans the file using 20 different antivirus software and gives you the results that each software would have given to you.It does not remove the virus however, and is only used to determine the likelihoood of infection

Read their disclaimers

Kaspersky is a bit gruff in it AV methods, but nothing is more violent than Combofix
.It is a ultimate last resort when you have a virus, and you know for sure you have one but its not going away.Especially if it likes to reload itself after restarting.

Last resort.
It deleted a couple dll's on my desktop comp[Which I replaced easily cause I'm so smart :P]
USE with caution.

Formatting [Oh NASTY...]
Yea...i try VERY hard to avoid doing this.You have no guarantee that after formatting the virus will not reload itself and all your file loss will be for naught

MANUALLY deleting viruses[ Gruelling torture]
Ive only done this once and it was hell.I dont mean clicking on the file that says iamson0tavirus.exe and pressing delete.I mean goin in your registries and changing 789273ghg24g34gh to 234783927ghfhfj~92....a couple hundred times. Really Gay.

O yea. Payin for these things is the one thing i think is worth spending money on.But you can always tief it and get blacklisted every couple months or so then just reinstall with a differecnt key.

But paying is good

.I dont think im bored enough to write how to avoid viruses so yea im gone now


Posting Links [yes i just learned how to do this]

Posting a link

Since links are often long winded things they dont display properly in columns

<_a href="url/"> Link text <_/_a_>
This is teh motif for a link [minus the underscores _]
You put your link URL where it says URL plus a / [duh]

And whatever you want the link to say Example Where you started
Where you started
See that wasnt so hard


-functions of floors
solid ground floors 
finishes to solid ground floor-jointless finishes;
granolithic pavements;
terrazo jointless;
tile floor and clay tile;
cement tiles;
terrazo tiles; 
thermoplastic tiles;
wooden floor finishes

Timber in ground and upper floors
-single floor, double floor, triple or frame floors

wall plates
-corbels and offsets
-strutting: solid and herring bone
-trimmings and openings


25 things i hate about facebook

Had to put this here

Atlas looked at me and laughed...

He preferred his lot to mine ,

I am worried and I have a lot on my head

Im worrying by myself. as always.


If you carry something only you know its true weight.

Isnt that so?


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