A cauldron of high pitched techno, flashing lights , all covering darkness with a hint of sex and drugs.

I enjoyed myself, mainly cause i didn't care what i was doing.It was so Euros*.

So this was my first rave. 8 of us.

3 of us got totalled.[Of course my tolerance level is pretty high so i didn't do anything silly :P
Rolling around on the floor by Gauntlet-san and Gama-san's Crazy Dancing, twas a night of many lols.

Got offered Ecstasy twice. double lol. AH DON'T WANT NONE O DAT $***!
The turnout was actually not bad.Was a small party and it got pretty dense pretty fast.The pool was drained out and was about full towards 1am. Good stuff.Then they turned on a hose and the lights ,more good stuff.
Definitely going to one of those again.Hopefully less crazy shit happens and more glow stix happen and a tad bit of rock music.

*Cash is for americans and recessions [ i.e.  the exclamation-  Shit was so cash!]


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