Fonts for your Layouts

So we have these rooms things right...
Our characters need fonts right?
Some links

Im using Celtic styled fonts for Amanda 
[Hint Hint Dont use em]
You need Winrar.
If you dont have Winrar already stop touching your computer you are an abusive parent.Shame.

Open the files. > Extract where ever the hell you please [Preferably all in one location]
Go to Control Panel > Click on fonts > Right Click in a empty area [Vista]
Click install new fonts > Navigate to where you extracted it to > It will autodetect
Select All > Install 


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S_ _ _ _ Alistair Douglas said...

Retro is nice for the Socialite Paris[All Da Font.com categories]

Hamish [Anything in the basic category]

Bling Meow [Definately the Graffiti section, but make sure its readable!]

Plum [ Basic Section or Serifs/Sans Serifs]

Ivy[ UM i dunno something ethnic from the Various Section MAYBE]

AMANDA LOL [Use Horror or Medieval.Celtic is mine MUHUHUAHAHAAA!


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