Damage Report + Everything else

  • Wow i caught a lot of flak today

  • However this is definately one of my better crits.There was a inkling of ok i kind of like your expressive so i was like ok :D.

So we're doing it all over again. Joy...
Later people
Overall Rating : Fairly ROFLy Day

Yea so i have way too many small post soooo ill just keeping adding to this.

27th - 5.3 Handin
  • Utech needs a UPS for the lab so we dont lose our work when the power goes.Twas annoying when the power keeps goin out.

  • Communication studies is FOOLISHNESS!

  • Wendy's and Red Wine.Good stuff

  • I so i went on google webmaster tools and checked out some stats on my blog.Ive realized putting a link or any controversial information [i.e. the rampin shop article] it bumps me up pretty high on google.
Day after Rave - Sunday

  • Can i not have a day that ends in fail....
    Growl...ALMOST ALMOST....blarg

  • Hope Gardens is cool.

  • Where is the rest of my group? :(


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