Rainmeter Pack of the Week :Moxx - A crisp, clean skin

The Moxx Pack - Moxx.Pack was created by Albinozz

This is a very useful pack that contains almost every widget that you will probably ever need.

Moxx Pack Features.
HDD Meter
Battery Charge+Status Meter
CPU and RAM meter
Time and Date
Notes and To Do list - Very Sleek & Cool
And a Slideshow picture Viewer
Also features a Winamp and Weather Widget.

ADDITIONALLY these widgets are all minimizable and the black and white theme goes well with most backgrounds.

Click to enlarge.
Moxx.Pack can be downloaded here
RE: installation: Read the instructions or ask a question.(It's pretty easy though)

The calendar on the right hand side is called Simplemeter v1.01

Rainmeter Windows 7? All Rainmeter Packs are Windows 7 compatible

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Firefox Personas - Customization and Skins

Skinning Mozilla Firefox(HAHA I MADE A FUNNY!)

Even though I use the Google Chrome browser primarily, Firefox is still a stable and reliable browser.I hold it in High Esteem.

One interesting addition they made for Firefox is the persona.
The persona is basically a lightweigt skin for Firefox. Easy to add , Easy to change.

This is the FF Default
Consider these (Click to enlarge)

Over 9000 years ago changing the theme/skin of Firefox was a bit annoying.This is all sorted out so FF can always match your personal style.

How to activate Personas

1. Ensure you have the latest build of Firefox.
Press Help and press Check for updates or head over to the FF Main site .
2. After updating/Dowloading or otherwise making sure you are up to date go to Get Personas The main Mozilla run site for personas
3.Download and install. Next Next Next I agree , You know the drill. There should be a little fox icon in the bottom left corner of your screen
4.Time to pick your persona! Either go to the persona Gallery or Right click the Fox Icon
Mouse over a design to preview it.
Click the design and press Wear This! to activate it.

How to make your own:

How to create personas in 4 easy-ish steps
Go read their steps. All you need to know is that the image resolution needs to be big
3000px wide x 200px for the Header(Top Image) and 3000px wide x 100px for the Footer(Bottom image)

Archaic Implosion
A Persona I made when it just Released.I was idle.



The Origin of the word PWNED

i lol'd
Most gamers know pwned already, Also watch rant on asian dramas in the related videos when its finished


Michael Jackson dies at 50: reports

Michael Jackson dies at 50: reports from CBC

So Micheal Jackson is dead.
Died of a heart attack I hear

Some will lol
Some will BAAWWW
I for one am aloof


A short commentary on the cell phone business in Jamaica

Anyone noticed that Claro is almost beating the Election Madness in advertising frequency? They must have found a oil deposit beneath that red and black monolith because the amount of money that they pump into advertising is phenomenal. Although I'd buy a Claro phone just for the calling people for free and the rates.Good stuff.

Digicel is doing they're usual tactic and is harping on and on about how everyone has a Digicel.Which is in direct contrast to Claro which naturally has a small customer base and few service towers around the island. Nevertheless Digicel, hows about some free credit huh?Or lower rates?

LIME...Poor LIME. I don't even know that they're doing right now.Maybe, just maybe they are charging up for something spectacular.

If you look at it its a really interesting play of power going on in Jamaica
All for your precious $120...

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CSA - The new logo

CSA needs a new logo.It took some serious thought for me to even remember it was Knights in the first place.Cant bother introduce the topic, straight to the Competition!
The Eliminations

CSA Foxes
The picture in the gallery was a bit too cute.The only reason this logo wouldnt work is becasue its from Metal Gear Solid and people will recognize it
CSA wolves
My 2nd Choice. Wolves are cool, they bite and their nocturnal like the average Architerus Studentus
CSA Night Owls/Owls
Tis AWRITE. Not very RAWR~ though

CSA Spartans
Also a good choice.
CSA Panthers
As far as the images go this was my pick
CSA Jaguars
Same as above, different name
CSA pharaohs
hmmmm naaah...Too 'something' cant quite put my finger on it

Other Ideas

CSA Crocs
CSA Stingrays (Poor Steve...)
CSA Barracudas (Did not sit well)

fish mascot ANYTHING AQUATIC in JA is not a good idea, although barracudas are pretty cool
CSA Masons ( O LAWD...ditto x 20)
Yallz Got Jokes!...

The Top 3

Its been cut down to a top 3
Panthers, Spartans and Wolves are in the lead.
Editing is still going on to get the logos perfect.

PANTHERS Won 1st with 19 Votes
WOLVES in 2nd with 7 Votes 
SPARTANS in 3rd place with 4 votes lol

Not sure if voting is officially closed I am not at the liberty to say anything on that matter so go check the discussion board!

The image gallery
The Discussion board and Group Page
The Ballots

I will calmly reply. "My blog is thin, it conserves space"
Additionally i apologize for the retarded photoshoopz
And NO i couldn't bother search through all my custom fonts for a good one...


CSA Summer UTECH Architecture Course

Click to Enlarge
Caribbean School of Architecture -  Summer Programme.CSA
Wanna see what architecture is about?(I think) Give them a call

I don't even know why I'm helping these guys advertise -_-


Emoticons for MSN : Creation and Galleries

You can either make your own or use pre made emoticons

Make your own
 Using Paint/Photoshop Emotcion Tutorial. For those using more advanced versions of PS press save for Web and devices if you want a moving image to work on the net.

I put in the last 10 or so.The uploaded emoticons are public so you might see something you like
Emoticonize.com Here
A extremely easy way to make your own emoticons. All you have to do is put in a picture(squares work best) Press create. Naming is optional and if you want it made so that the whole world cant see it that option is availabe too.

Note: The emoticons you make will be larger than normal. Additionally this site is  .GIF compatible id est Moving Images

These make up the base of my emoticon arsenal.

Onion Head Emoticons
A very popular emoticon set.Female version available.
Onion Club-Official Site (Site Gallery)
Anikaos Gallery 4 Pages + Display Pictures

Pyong the Red Fox Emoticons
Pyong the Red Fox
Anikaos.com Page 1 2 3 4 5 6

Yoyo and Cici User Gallery

Tuzki/Tazko the Rabbit
Full Gallery here

How to add them:
Save the image
Emoticonize it if its not animated(If its animated it already will be at a decent size)
Go to Messenger and Press Add/Edit Emoticons
Find your File and input a command
Naming is optional

When you input commands plan ahead,Use your brain! DO NOT write a command like 'cool' because then you cant spell School or cooler or anything else like that.
Whats the solution?
USE CAPS or do what I do, use a slash '
/' /cool /angry and you can begin to even sort them out
e.g i use
/oangry for a angry onion head and /mangry for a angry monkey emoti.

Its annoying for the person your talking to to have to decipher what your saying.Netiquette...Get some.

The Messenger Plus Quick Icons Panel

(I made ^ Tis crude but w/e )

After you've added your emoticons getting them sorted is easy.

Click on the Messenger Plus Icon go to Preferences and Options
Go to the Conversations tab and click on Quick Icons
Press Add and Name the Emoti panel
Press Add and you should see a window with all your emoticons in there.
To select multiple files hold down CTRL and click
After selecting your files press ok
On your way out Make sure to uncheck the first box and check the second one.
The Second box is the important one.The first I just personally find it severely annoying.
Also you can change the size of the QP

Voila Enjoy Emoti-ing Photobucket

Wisdom Suite: Summer T's

The Wisdom Tees are now available.

Go With Wisdom*
*(because you dont want lolstupid things to happen to you hm?)
Thats the slogan.I'd wear all of them actually.

Mouse over in the Top Right Corner to see the Tees


      Teach Us...
      My Fave. Id want it in black with the design in white.

      Not for Me
      Fires of Crisis
      I personally like this one too

      Contacts: Wisdom Suite Tees



      Rainmeter and Application docks: Organization and Information for your Desktop

      Look at the above desktops. Looks neat eh? Maybe you dont like the background but maybe a iconless screen is just what you need for that clutter you call a desktop, or you maybe you just want info about your computer at your fingertips.*shrug*
      Wondering how can you get your desktop to look something like this?

      What is Rainmeter?
      Rainmeter is a highly versatile program that allows you to put different kinds of widgets any where on your desktop.It is a superior alternative to Windows sidebar it uses less space and there is a great deal more efficiency in terms of start-up time and RAM usage.

      The possible applications include but are not limited to:
      Lots of cool looking clocks
      Processor/HD/ Network usage and other statistics
      Application Launchers
      To do lists
      Music remotes - Mainly for Winamp and Media player (No iTunes plug-ins have been created yet)
      Facebook and Twitter feed (Alternately you can use RSS feed widgets)
      RSS feeds
      Some sense of aesthetics which the people at Microsoft apparently lack greatly.

      These are programs that serve as application launchers.So its like a compact bar of shortcuts and programs that you can easily customize[drag-n-drop] Helps keep your desktop clean and you never have to search for your favourite programs.
      The main docking programs for Windows are ObjectDock and RocketDock

      The icons you place also can be customized with various effects like fly out menus of all the files in a particular folder or you can make the dock only appear on mouse over.Change the font,the size, the location anything. Its all dependent on your personal sense of style
      My Desktop[which changes very frequently]
      Using SUPERCOLOSSAL clock , Enigma Calendar+To do list+Visillo dimmer
      Id totally read this Little Red Riding Hood btw

      How to install Rainmeter Widgets
      1. Install rainmeter [duh] By default this is set at Program Files>Rainmeter
      Start it, if it hasnt started already.
      2. Download your Widget. 99% of the time it will be in rar format.
      Download Winrar here if you dont have it already. [Its like winzip just better]
      3. Open the widget rar and there will be a folder.Extract or drag the folder into C:\Program Files\Rainmeter\Skins
      4. Right click on the Rainmeter icon [blue/white-ish] you should see the name of the folder you extracted in Configs.Click the one(s) you want.
      5. Voila! Move em where you want!


      Rainmeter Download (Free) Here or Here (Reccomended)
      Object Dock(Sort of Free) Standard Edition Here*
      Rocketdock Download (Free) Here

      Any questions?
      Rainmeter Windows 7? Downlaod Win 7 Rainmeter compatible package here

      *Object dock plus is not free however.I use plus.You can try to find a clean torrent or just use rocket dock.Remember to read comments to see if a particular torrent contains viruses.

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      The Iran Elections and Twitter : Green for Revolution!!

      The situation in Iran
       Twitter tweets are currently keeping the world updated since the Iranian Gov't sux cok and disabled almost all proxies inbound and outbound.The few working proxies are being circulated around the internet.This communication block is most likely to keep the world in the dark as angry civillians are arrested and beaten in protest to the rigged elections that would bring/brought Hezbollah to power.

      basiji forces attack women and children brutally. they have no mercy & there is no humanity left in them 

      Friend: 17 y/o killed infront of me couldn't get to him in time guards beating us up went to hospital but he stopped moving

      “[We] are still safe, but to tell you the truth, all of us are feeling sick of what we have to see on streets these days. This afternoon, [we] saw five policemen attack a middle age lady. They beat her brutally, with no mercy. She tried to escape with her young daughter but they got her.

      this isn't the police! police is still outside! we're under attack by Ansar-Hezbolah.

      Links to other blogs - And media houses



      Still feeling groggy


      To make the pain go away...


      On panadeine F again. At least it has more Codeine in it this time around.I can see myself getting withdrawal symptoms when I'm done with this,

      Dear Lord please make the pain killers kick in, Please make the pain killers kick in! OMG!

      I'm just doing this because its better than just sitting around ...*throb* *throb**throb* = ouch ouch ouch

      Byy the way I haven't said why I'm in so much pain.I had gum removed from one of my teeth.The procedure was fairly simple and it was less annoying than taking out my wisdom teeth[all of them]

      Its hurting like hell now.I have gauze taped down in my mouth and they used a diode to seal the wound.Now i know how the mosquitoes feel when i zap them with the mosquito racket.

      Ouch Ouch Ouch. Going back next Thursday to take out the stitches.Additionally they found out I may need to take out the tooth.Thats 5 teeth extracted if i go through with this.Which I probably am.

      Oh great....Ouch Ouch Ouch
      Argh! Why wont it start working!? Or put me to sleep!?

      Blargh its not even like a head ache that fluctuates. It just kind of I dunno, is on all the time then it just crescendos and then my face is like >_< and then it goes away sort of then my face is like >_< .

      I imagine the next couple of days are gonna suck,Did i mention my face is swollen? I surmise i may not be blogging as often as i usually do....

      chuh [hiss teeth]


      That is Architecture

      Architecture from MAYAnMAYA - They have another video on Information equally as interesting.This was found on Architectnophilia which was found elsewhere of course.

      What is drawing?

      What is drawing?

      Drawing is representation.It is not as constricting as some believe.Crippled in a attempt to depict perfectly what is to be put on paper.
      Until one realizes the infinite ways one can express Colour,Texture and depth one cannot draw at ones full potential.

      One must explore.
      and Assimilate but never copy.

      I've been practicing my drawing a lot this summer.I kind of exploded [in a good way].Definite improvement after much thought and consideration.

      In my younger years* Anime was my teacher .I have grown to hold it in a mild distaste.It still has its merits and I still enjoy reading a well written/drawn manga however I find it somewhat counterproductive for me to confine myself to just one style of drawing.

      I prefer the method of rendering used in fantasy art and realism.
      *Yea im old




      [a triptych of sorts]

      The child ran through summer fields and valleys ,carefree,
      enjoying the bounty of life
      Then the winter came and the child grew...
      It is right that one must learn to see the beauty in winter too.
      Some one put a wrench in the gears of my grandfather clock.
      Indeed it stopped but the gears kept saying "Its time to move"
      And the clock groaned and wailed at it stagnancy.
      The sage said to me
      "Responsibilty becomes your crutch
      Things you once held dear, become so blasé.
      Until, you sir become the sage"


      Just stuff - A Random growing post

      • So summer is still drolling on.Ill begin working soon, Joy...
      • Got a Huge 11" x 17" Sketch pad I love it.
      • I realized im a pretty intensive poster.
      • Humans are such interesting things
      • Invented Speckled Fried Pepper chicken today.Was actually edible and they liked it. Ill write a second compilation of all my food attempts when i make up summore.
      • I cannot draw anymore.Sigh a long time ago my mother destroyed some of my work :( I just completely lost my touch after that. Attempting to relearn drawing at least people while staying as far from anime as possible.
      • I miss many things. Friends, school. Interested to see the new batch of first years.
      • O GAWD I MISS MY CAT! If anything ever died for me that i have truly missed, It is my cat

      I have a very large random folder [400 images] not as big as my Wallpaper folder however [1200+]


      Copyright 2010 DONT COME HERE.

      What are you doing all the way down HERE?