What is drawing?

What is drawing?

Drawing is representation.It is not as constricting as some believe.Crippled in a attempt to depict perfectly what is to be put on paper.
Until one realizes the infinite ways one can express Colour,Texture and depth one cannot draw at ones full potential.

One must explore.
and Assimilate but never copy.

I've been practicing my drawing a lot this summer.I kind of exploded [in a good way].Definite improvement after much thought and consideration.

In my younger years* Anime was my teacher .I have grown to hold it in a mild distaste.It still has its merits and I still enjoy reading a well written/drawn manga however I find it somewhat counterproductive for me to confine myself to just one style of drawing.

I prefer the method of rendering used in fantasy art and realism.
*Yea im old


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