A short commentary on the cell phone business in Jamaica

Anyone noticed that Claro is almost beating the Election Madness in advertising frequency? They must have found a oil deposit beneath that red and black monolith because the amount of money that they pump into advertising is phenomenal. Although I'd buy a Claro phone just for the calling people for free and the rates.Good stuff.

Digicel is doing they're usual tactic and is harping on and on about how everyone has a Digicel.Which is in direct contrast to Claro which naturally has a small customer base and few service towers around the island. Nevertheless Digicel, hows about some free credit huh?Or lower rates?

LIME...Poor LIME. I don't even know that they're doing right now.Maybe, just maybe they are charging up for something spectacular.

If you look at it its a really interesting play of power going on in Jamaica
All for your precious $120...

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