Things they should invent for Architecture and other matters

Architectural Inventions for the future

Glowing Set Squares - Cause that little shadow you get when you want to draw a line and the light source may be on the other side of the set square is just plain annoying and you have to be like covering e set square just so that the light source is even JEEZUM@! (annoying rite?) So i proposed set squares should glow. Smart Eh?

Magnetic T-Squares - Don't you just hate it when you draw a really neat line only to find that the t square wasn't lined up with the board.SOOOOO.... they should make magnetic t squares so that you know your t square stays straight . ANOTHER BRIGHT IDEA BY SHAUN

Organic French Curves (Dunno what to call this -_-) So french curves are great but sometimes u have a really weird curve and u just cant draw it right....SOOO is the curve would automatically set to the one you need to draw OR you can pull it into a defined shape

Why does UTECHS lite go away so often eh? 3 Times today o man!!! barely got that damn architect thing done...




Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Perceiving

INFPs focus much of their energy on an inner world dominated by intense feeling and deeply held ethics. They seek an external life that is in keeping with these values. Loyal to the people and causes important to them, INFPs can quickly spot opportunities to implement their ideals. They are curious to understand those around them, and so are accepting and flexible except when their values are threatened. They have the ability to see good in almost anyone or anything.

Trait Explanations


This trait refers to the extent to which you prefer novelty versus convention. Approximately 38.2% of respondents have a lower openness raw percentage than yours. From the way you answered the questions, you seem to describe yourself as someone who dislikes needless complexity, and prefers the familiar over the unusual. You might say that you are more conservative than many, but not to an extreme level, and that you value practical outcomes over flighty imagination.


This trait refers to the extent to which you prefer an organised, or a flexible, approach in life. Approximately 8% of respondents have a lower conscientiousness raw percentage than yours. From the way you answered the questions, you seem to describe yourself as someone who is impulsive and whimsical, and fine with it! From your responses it appears that you would say that sometimes decisions need to be made quickly, and that you make them quicker than most! You would say you are zany, (o rly?) colourful, and just generally great fun to be with... as long as someone isn't relying on you to get some work done.(lol)


This trait refers to the extent to which you enjoy company, and seek excitement and stimulation. Approximately 16% of respondents have a lower extraversion raw percentage than yours. From the way you answered the questions, you seem to describe yourself as someone who is quiet and somewhat withdrawn. Your answers describe you as someone who doesn't need lots of other people around to have fun, and can sometimes find that people are tiring.


This trait refers to the way you express your opinions and manage relationships. Approximately 58% of respondents have a lower agreeableness raw percentage than yours. From the way you answered the questions, you seem to describe yourself as someone who gets along with people well, especially once they have proved themselves trustworthy to you. Your responses suggest that you do have a healthy scepticism about others' motives, but that doesn't stop you from considering others to be basically honest and decent.(tru tru)

Neuroticism (Emotional stability)

This trait refers to the way you cope with, and respond to, life's demands. Approximately 11.5% of respondents have a lower neuroticism raw percentage than yours. From the way you answered the questions, you seem to describe yourself as someone who is calm and emotionally stable. Based on your responses, you come across as someone who is rarely bothered by things, and when they do get you down the feeling does not persist for very long.

Usually i think these little face book quizzes are pretty dumb but this one hit the nail on the head.My personality app...

pic very unrelated :P



Internet Social Networking- The very roots of it

Working Smarter not harder...?
you work your fingers to the bone = you get a +
you do some relatively ok work = you get a
you do some REAL BirdStuff = you get a -

The inevitable? Vague allusions are great.

Coffee for lunch :S

Information technology homework sort of....
I.T home work on social networking.So naturally it must be about the internet no? wow a wealth of knowledge heads this blog.The sub culture of the internet is a deep, extremely unique , VERY ILLOGICAL thing.The beginnings of the internet lie in the internet imageboard.Founded as soon as Pc got into the first household.The home of anon (anonymous duh!).The driving force behind almost EVERY msn abbreviation, funny email forward,scams and viruses and the creative force for pictures and videos.(Great place for wallpapers)

Wilde said "Give a man a mask and he will show you hus true self". Imageboards being anonymous, form a society that is almost without rule.(Which usually aren't very stable).Expect obnoxious arrogant ignorant (sometimes racist) fickle behaviour.

This concludes my insight into what could be called the slums of the internet.

go At your own risk..not even putting a link. There are 3. Beware... lol curious?
i am actually mentioning it in my essay btw...

I won bother write about forums(worse facebook) i mean...i think next to everyone has seen 1 b4 eh? MOODLE?




i hate mondays...

today was blah...

...cant find the i.t. question >.<




the things ppl do with their spare time

this has got to be the dumbest ad ever invented


just some retarded questions i thought up while my mind was unengaged.

Why do they call sneakers sneakers?

What does GOD do with his LEFT hand?

Where do i get these cat pictures from?
at I can has cheezburger of course duh!

TGIF...gona start ma book report tonite -_- sigh.
Critiques are very interesting.
later ppl



im supposed to be doin ma history assignment...well im doin it, sort of XD . Im ahead of ma work though.Today was a long day, especially wen u have no money >_< . . . . i have no reason for putting this pic up i just think its funny


my life over the past two weeks



So Ive noticed my social life going down the drain as are others...lack of sleep dropping in on a couple people(General Formula Below).Im OK in that respect but i am a bit tired. BUT! i made ANOTHER week :d
i am lacking fun,on a serious note.


1.Go to sleep work all day.
2.Come home work some more.
3.Fall asleep exhausted.
4.Repeat steps 1 to 3 until Diploma is attained.

Also realized very few ppl seem to like their names.But that's another story

TGIF (tomoro)


online experience

posting online....one the less annoying homework i have to do.
i probably will actually use this blog but for non-personal course related stuff..or if im just bored....currently waiting for a online scan to complete...got a particular annoying virus i had to MANUALLY delete-------->.anyhoo

cant bother to make a new post -_- didnt do any work today.feel like a waste :P. Time to get started, im gone...later

see ya


teh linkz

teh linkz so i dont have to stress out ma neurons to remember wat they are... lulz

well e blogger sucks...

very...erm basic

so this blog will just sit and veg...my real blog is on windows live spaces...much better service

may or may nt post link to ma live space
laters ppl

EDIT Oct 08- Well it doesnt suck that bad


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