Things they should invent for Architecture and other matters

Architectural Inventions for the future

Glowing Set Squares - Cause that little shadow you get when you want to draw a line and the light source may be on the other side of the set square is just plain annoying and you have to be like covering e set square just so that the light source is even JEEZUM@! (annoying rite?) So i proposed set squares should glow. Smart Eh?

Magnetic T-Squares - Don't you just hate it when you draw a really neat line only to find that the t square wasn't lined up with the board.SOOOOO.... they should make magnetic t squares so that you know your t square stays straight . ANOTHER BRIGHT IDEA BY SHAUN

Organic French Curves (Dunno what to call this -_-) So french curves are great but sometimes u have a really weird curve and u just cant draw it right....SOOO is the curve would automatically set to the one you need to draw OR you can pull it into a defined shape

Why does UTECHS lite go away so often eh? 3 Times today o man!!! barely got that damn architect thing done...



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