Headphones - Because Sound quality is important

Skullcandy G.I Headphones

Types of Head phones

Over Heads
Overheads always have better sound quality and range due to the fact that the magnet and the film are considerably larger.The DJ and sound junkies choice

BOSE is your best bet for noise cancelling headphones.However they cost $200 US.Serious High End Headphones

Beats by Dre are also some rather expensive over heads.Not noise cancelling however Avg Price $220US
Skullcandies are my favourite brand of headphones for style and sound on a budget.Medium end Headphones. $60 US - $30 US. Buds are $20US
Walmart is your friend.

Buds/Hammerheads/Over Ears/etc
All great for light listening and jogging and what not.

When your earbuds warp...
Earbuds work beacause of a vibratory film against the edge of the bud.Sometimes they get a bit crumpled and start to warble.This can be rather dissonant.
A quick fix is to inhale or exhale around the buds depending on the design. This pulls the film back into its original position.

When your headphones short out...
Im sure we all had a pair of headphones and one day one of the ears just go *pft*....Useless headphones.
You have a short. Sucks to be you. It can be fixed but I dont know how to do that.

What I do know is to prevent it from happening.Usually shorts occur when the wire bends back and forth multiple times until it starts to sever.The most common place for this to occur is at the jack[the plug in part].
Scabby people like me cant afford to buy two pairs of Skullcandy Headphones so I get some kind of stiff paper or acetate[The see through folder cover stuff] and wrap it around the jack and have it extend a little higher than where the cord starts.Tape it down tightly and voila !
Rationale: Headphones are less likely to short midway in the cord.

Water in your headphones...
roflcopter YUH GET JOOK!

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