TinEye: A Reverse Image Search Engine

I apologize for the post flood
TinEye is a reverse image searcher.This engine works using image comparison technology instead of keywords like google* . Its still in beta so the search index is expanding however in even in its incomplete state I found it to be a very useful utility

A powerful tool

Useful for:

  • Finding out where an image came from, or get more information about it
  • Researching or tracking the appearance of an image online
  • Finding higher resolution versions of an image
  • Locate web pages that make use of an image you have created
  • Discover modified or edited versions of an image
*Or any other search engine for that matter

Dude got shot in the neck outside my gate

Oh squiggly line!

Oh squiggly line in my eye fluid. I see you lurking there on the peripheral of my vision.
But when I try to look at you, you scurry away.
Are you shy, squiggly line?
Why only when I ignore you, do you return to the center of my eye?
Oh, squiggly line, it's alright, you are forgiven.

Family Guy

These squiggly lines are known as floaters.They are small semi solid fragments of your vitreous humour.

You can smart about it here at Wikipedia: Floater Article

Just a random fact


Wine Tasting

just caME BACK I can stop trying to walk straight now.LULZ

Its amazing how much bs i can spout off when im not quite with it.

Met francois the radio personality.

Interesting night,

12 wines.I am so drunk.

Blue cheese is awesome.Never thought id like it.
i may or may not finish this article in the morning.[Or i could just retract it]

Happy Snorlaxing
Leon the wasted guy

Emoticons in your Comment Form

So I enabled emoticons in the comment form .To use them simply input the command beside the pic.The image wont load until you publish the comment

   Im trying to edit the script so i can use these emoticons instead [below]
It is NOT going well
Instructions:Taken from HERE


Operation LionCash [No this wasnt my idea]

JESUS CHRIST ITS A LION! GET IN THE CAR! is an internet meme[catchphrase/phenomenon]
Any fad is a meme for example.
When one sees a lion >:3 one must get in the car

Operation Lioncash -Ye old History

Operation LIONCASH was initiated over 9000 years ago the stated goal being for each participant to print lions on as many of his or her dollar bills as possible, until all money is converted to lion money, thus uniting the world by breaking down financial barriers with a single currency!

The rewards are so great that Operation Lioncash must go ahead at all costs. Once the entire world is unified in the use of one simple universal currency -Lionmoney - the human race will suddenly be completely and forever changed.

Lion Cash Creation Tips
1.Lions Only
2.Conversely Only Lions

This is a great way to not be broke.When you see lion money you will shout...JESUS CHRIST ITS LION MONEY! GET IN MY WALLET!!
See,Insta savings.LOL

Although I was thinking I'd spend it fast to get it off my hands but hey, thats just me...Now you know.Get to work!

I'd do this just for lols by the way

This post was done for relaxation of my brain.After writing the last 3 posts my brain is tired

Great Reads, Utech Interviews and Getting Started

This was found on Encyclopaedia Dramatica - The wikipedia for the internet. Go at your own risk lol. Ill leave you at the gate.

Common CSA Issues :The Vox Pop

Caribbean School of Architecture 2009 - Studio Issues
Once people are around people conflict and issues will arise.The only way to avoid this is to never talk to anybody which will give you mental issues.So lets not run away from our problems shall we?

Is there a imaginary territory line in the studio?
There is no
strictly defined 1st Year or 2nd Year Areas.However just like how when one is around a fireplace, a circle is the natural way people will align themselves you find the second years congregate to the Left and the 1st Years work on the right*.

*Directions taken facing the back of the studio

Reserving Tables
This is a extremely annoying practice especially if you leave for long periods of time.This problem is often compounded by more than one people leaving work taped on tables for hours on end.Rendering the studio useless for work since there is now no space available.

Additionally in terms of regular studio class reservation.This is all good if you reach early.If you come
½hr late to class and "your" seat is occupied don't believe you have the right to demand it.It is a silly and useless quarrel that ensues.

Well the ruling Genres are Dancehall,Hip-Hop,Rap,Soul and a bit of Oldies*.Generally everyone is usually happy with whats playing.If its too loud,obscene etc by all means ask the person playing to turn it down/change the song or turn it off.

Two laptops shouldn't be played at the same time.This just makes the place noisy and both songs become indecipherable gibberish.

*sigh poor poor Jazz lovers like me.

Mentoring and Assistance
I will speak for myself only.I didn't ask the former second years nearly enough questions last year.Please ask questions.I myself have no problem giving any advice needed to those who ask.

The big brother system in my estimation failed last year [lol] This is the official mentoring program.Your big brother/sister gives you advice and guidance.Utilize them.

Theftage :D
Generally we look out for each others stuff.If you put down your laptop no C.S.A student is going to take it up.99.5% sure
I STRONGLY advise you carry your things with you and not put the safety of your belongings on someone elses head by making them watch it for you.

Things that get stolen
Pencils, Paper , Chip Board , Other stationary
I deduce that sometimes this is by accident or not a COMPLETELY devious and malicious act.Sort of :S

Hypothetical Scenario
Thefter: Aw man i left my Inch Ruler
[*Looks around studio , Spots a ruler*]
Thefter: Great ill just borrow this!
Thefter: Oh Fiddlesticks[lol] COMING!
[Runs out in a hurry and forgets to replace your ruler]
[You enter stage Left]
Irate Young Person: Where the CHEESEBREAD is my ruler??!!!

Back to my point.Pack up your stuff when your finished with them and don't leave things unattended.

Visitors in the Studio
To keep life simple.Visit your Visitors.Outside.
The last thing you want is something goes missing when your best friend happened to be in studio.Problems and more problems.

However if you do insist on bringing someone.Introduce them.
Do not have them just waltz in by themselves and do not send any non-C.S.A students to retrieve something for you.Get it yourself.

Food in the Studio
NO FOOD IN THE STUDIO! Eat on the step,chairs [outside] wherever.
Many people seem to disregard this rule.I sincerely hope this changes for the better

Studio Cleanliness
The studio can get to a very nasty state after big projects.Pick up your papers and trash.It would also be nice if more people pitched in to clean up the ENTIRE studio more often.


Clear Plastic Bottles are currently being placed in the Recycle Bin in the studio.Make sure the bottles are empty.

DO NOT SMOKE IN THE STUDIO. Go to the step [or the roof lol] and smoke.Not everyone thinks smoke is delicious.

Until i remember more stuff - That's it for now


Great Reads

Virgins,Red Heads and Readers are a dying breed.
-Shaun Douglas
East of Eden - John Steinbeck
The Odyysey - Homer
The Divine Comedy [Inferno,Purgatorio,Paradiso] -
Dante Allighieri
Lord of the Flies - William Golding
The Grapes of Wrath - John Steinbeck
1984 - George Orwell
Hard Times - Charles Dickens
Animal Farm - George Orwell

Childrens Books
Alice in Wonderland [Unabridged] - Lewis Carrol
The Chronicles of Narnia - Books 1 - 7 - C.S Lewis
[They REALLY shitted up that movie]
The BFG - Roald Dahl

The Prophet - Kahlil Gibran
The Art of War - Szun Tzu

Angels and Demons - Dan Brown
The Screwtape Letters - C.S. Lewis
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy - J.R.R Tolkien

The Wishlist
One day in the life of Ivan Denisovich - Alexander Solzhenitzin
The Old man and the Sea - Ernest Hemingway
The Illiad - Homer
The Silmarillion - J.R.R Tolkien
Through the Looking Glass[Unabridged] - Lewis Carrol

Of course there are others but these are undoubtedly my favourites. East of Eden was beautiful. 1984 is also a exceptional book.


[mumbo jumbo]

If one trades happiness for contentment
Has one lost?

One at the bottom of it all yearns for the sky
Those airborne can fall.

Is a state of stagnancy and neutrality what is really pursued?
One can be content with any thing

Is contentedness one and the same with the happiness everyone chases after to no avail?

Is being being content with ones place in the world happiness?One without the other or do they go hand in hand?
If so does that make me a malcontent?
Or am i unhappy?Or both?

Oh blah...

Geting Started: Supplies and the First Couple Assignments

UTECH Architecture: Getting acquainted with CSA

First off meet the studio.This is your home base for the next two years.
Meet the second years.We're all nice people, right guys?Class is split into 2 groups, A and B. People with names like Archie and Deadpool go in group A.Names like Spiderman and Xerxes go in group B. Group A and B have different time tables but lectures and Head studio are as a class.

Your Semester I Courses are as follows:
Math: R. Absin
Eye Studio: A. West-Martin + M.Stanley
Head Studio: D. Bailey
Hand Studio: D. Douglas + C. Limsang
Architecture in a World Context: Mr. A!!! (Aarons)
Communications (Various)
Information Technology (Various)
Community Service Project (M. Jarret)
I think thats all of them[if not, read your damn handouts]

Things you Need: The Choices

T-Square - Just make sure its long enough.My T-Square 'Crucifix' is a Wooden 42" and I also own a 36" Full metal named Wakizashi.Both work quite fine.

Eraser -Duh.

Set Squares - Duh.Measurements and inch rulings may come in handy

Pencils - Clutch/Push Pt/Regulars
I personally prefer clutch/Regulars for shading and Push Point for lines but its all up to you.

Utility Knives - Trapezoid/Paralellogram /Xacto
Personally i find the Parallogram* shaped blades to be the most economical and durable choice.Reason being while Xacto blades are far superior in sharpness they are expensive to replace and not as suitable for heavy duty work.The problem with Trapezoid blades is if one side dulls the only thing you can do is turn it around and then what?Replace Replace Replace. The parrallelogram blades canbe snapped off with a plyers and you have a fresh new blade to work with. Remember to purchase a sturdy handled knife.Heavy Duty plastic/Metal with a good grip.
* Im sure they have a real name but whatever.

Glue - Glue gun/Krazy Glue/Ponal
They're ALL good.Ponal is stronger than you think however it requires patience.
Krazy glue is your glue-all cement however it does leave white stains on certain materials.
The Glue Gun is not as strong and can be a bit messy but is easy to apply.

Storage - Art Tubes vs Portfolios
All you have to consider is if you want to lug around a big rectagular thingy to school.Tubes are smaller thats all. Either wayyou need one or the other to keep your work safe and dry.Or both.

Tubes will cause your work to curl which can be it annoying when you actually want it flat.Minor annoyance.

Cleaning - Erasing Pad/Condensed Erasing Pad/Cornmeal etc
Using something to keep your work clean is advised.A Erasing Pad or Shield/Pounce Pad w/e is essentially a sock filled with eraser shavings that you hit your work with to keep it from getting dirty.Theyre very effective.

The condensed version is my second choice if theres no one to scrounge off of.The condensed version only cost $20+ . You may know it as a eraser but i like to say Condensed Erase Pad.This will keep your work clean to an extent but drawing over it may leave little white spaces.

Cornmeal eh? Well still lumpy.Enjoy your ants or roaches lol. PROTIP: Try talc powder.

There are a lot of stuff on the list.
Make sure you Get what is required and Get the textbooks!!!

Eye Studio
You will be asked to create 7 Shapes in their Solid, Skeletal forms and draw both forms.

So we can say you will need Paper [Of medium weight] , Glue [Ponal is slow but neat]. Some kind of sticks [Bamboo skewers are the most common material and can be bought at Liguanea Drug and Garden Centre for $150JA

Tips for Paper Shapes
Reduce the amount of Seams and increase the amount of folds.
There are different ways to make the same shape!

This is time consuming.START EARLY

Hand Studio
Line Weights
You will be asked to draw a variety of shapes at different line weights
LOL um be neat.Make sure the differences between line weights are visible from a good 2 feet away.

Head Studio
The 12 Labours [of Heracles]
Generally all the assignments follow the same format.You are directed to read your text and provide a analysis, commentary or general exposition on the chapter(s) or assignment done

11x17 Paper -Mounting Inclusive.You can write or print.Hand drawn work to explain yourself is favored over printed images.The paper should be no thinner than cartridge. Linen Paper is nice to draw on but the C.S.A printery is unable to print on it well.The Utech printry is capable and does it at higher quality for double the price.

Same format for all assignments albeit one. Minimum 3 Sheets of information on a selected topic by Mr. A [A is for awesome]
Legal size paper - The long one. The class rates your information and presentation and acts as a portion of your grade

Dont Plagiarize or anything smart like that! Wikipasta-ing is plagiarism too

Other courses
The other subjects.You guys are smart you can figure them out by yourself
Oh an enjoy mathematics [rofl]


Off - Season

The blog is on off season.

Until peak season[AKA Exam time] it will resume being my journal.

Other things - Finished writing my Game Guide
Google Chrome beta is still buggy with flash content
Im passing stuff...Tis good

Utech Architectecture Interviews

Acceptance ,Portfolio and other Information - Article dated: Jan 2009

So you got past the preliminary filtering and they're asking you to come in for a interview.
What next?

What to do?

Put together your Portfolio in a folder large enough to hold your work.
Minimum of 10 items. No Autocad Drawing are acceptable.

Recently portfolio submissions have been expanded to include Photography and even literature but remember Always read the official documents and ask questions for confirmation.The staff are quite nice.

This expansion means that your SBA's and other draftwork, freehand drawings, paintings , photos of sculptures and other large artwork , Photography and Written pieces are now open for you to use. Try to have variety but also remember to use your strongest pieces.

Maybe youve read this far and said "Whats a portfolio?"

This thingy
It holds your work.

You can always buy one [$$$] or Make one usually out of sturdy card board[$] or chip board[$$]
Check the Art Centre Ltd for hiked up prices and materials

If you've got a friend or some idle fellow that has nothing to do but write blog entries on the inside,By all means ask them questions.

What to Expect?
  • To have a interview. Be well dressed, On time , Polite and RELAX!.Blah Blah Blah
I will refrain from giving a personal commentary on the Interviewers.However you can always head over to the CSA site if you want to see a mugshot of some of your future lecturers.
  • To show and comment/explain pieces in your portfolio
    A list of your pieces might be a good idea
  • Other General Questions
What kind of architectural styles do you enjoy?
Do you know of any architects? (Local/International)
What have you heard about CSA or what are your impressions of the school now?
Cliche stuff- Why do you want to do architecture?

  • To be given comprehension
A Sheet of paper is given to you with a passage where you will be asked to answer comprehension questions.

Example: My comprehension piece was about signs [Vague? Blame the foggy memory]

  • Other questions on the sheet include Hobbies and Interests , Sports etc.

What usually happens afterwards?
They take a while to get back to you.Especially if your interview was later down the line.
You can call them or they can call you. *shrug*

What if you don't get in?
If at first you don't succeed...You know the rest.
Advice: Pursue a course that is in tandem with the Architectural syllabus.Construction Technology will earn you some exemptions which will make your life a lot less hectic

What if you get in?
Welcome to a world of hard work , Sleepless nights , Finding out how comfortable a drawing table can be, Cool people and Juici beef patties.

Fine Print
All of their policies are subject to change and they are in no way obligated to inform me :P.This means that you MUST read the documents carefully and ask the staff at the front desk to clarify anything that is unclear.However i feel it is fairly unlikely portfolio guidelines will change any time soon.

Good Luck!


Are you fast enough?

Apart from the new How well do you know me quiz fad on FB. Additionally everyone seems to be hell bent on getting Carpal tunnel syndrome by playing lots of flash games.Anyhoo i guess thats the inspiration for this post

Very simple flash games.Very hard to play. Speed related

Cursor Chaos



Windows Ready Boost

Have you ever had an experience where you are using a lot of programs in Windows , or a really memory intensivone, and notice that your hard drive activity light is going nuts, there is lots of noise from the hard drive, and your computer is crawling?

This is called disk thrashing and it occurs when you have run out of physical RAM and instead Windows is using a file on your hard drive to act as a virtual memory. Since writing and reading to a hard drive is much slower than reading from physical RAM, your computer's performance takes a huge hit.

Windows ReadyBoost allows Vista to use compatible USB flash drives as cache instead of the hard drive. This is faster because it has been shown that small random reads and writes on flash RAM can be 8-10 times faster than caching them to one of your hard drives. In order to really benefit from this new feature, Microsoft suggests that you provide enough space on a flash drive for ReadyBoost so that you are in at least a 1:1 ratio with your installed physical RAM. You will also need to use flash drives that meet the following specifications:

The device should have at least 512MB of storage capacity
The flash device must have at least 256MB free
5 MB/sec throughput for random 4k reads across the entire device
3 MB/sec throughput for random 512k writes across the entire device

Check it out.It wont hurt to try.


Dutty fridaze in LA.Scaring the poor white people. All i can say is...Alcohol? Henessy is 43% so i dunno.

My mind cannot fathom this, however the lols I will gladly reap.


Do i really prefer School?

Gettin a job is less tiring than attempting to rest.

Also i've begun talking to myself again


Definately time to get a job


New Layouts - HELP

Looking at different layouts. I cant choose. HELP!
Art Theme - Demo Here

Wow RSS Feed + Comment Feed + Login Bar + Search + Menu bar + Recent Post Bar Nice
Notepad Style

WAAAAYYY TOO FLOWERY (Pinstripes...seriously?)

Creative Art Theme - Demo Here

Not flowery
Notepad style
Menu + Search
Comment AND Entry RSS feed
Flickr Photostream ???
- Not sure how im going to use that Off screen

Not Widescreen
Content area is thin

Desk Mess Theme - Demo Here

Menu Bar + Search Bar
Notepad style
Comment Numbers are shown

Could do with a bit more mess

Blogy Dead Them
e - Demo Here

Like the Design
Not Flowery

No menu bar
No Search Bar
No RSS feed button

Cant decide....
Should i keep searching?


Things to do

  • Photoshop the flowers off the side bar - Then Re upload
  • Fix the search button to make it transparent
  • Fix the RSS feed button and make a FAQ post + Add hyperlink
  • Fix the widths of embedded vids and images
  • Possibly increase the width of the Text Area
  • Get Rid of the social network icons [If it had facebook id consider keeping them]
  • Fix the footer and put in something Shaun-like
  • Re add the side bar widgetsAdd icons for the Older and Newer Post links [ Clickable ] 
  • Add the image zoom effect >_< [HELL NO way too hard]


Computer Speed and You

Im sure you've had your computer on doing something [probably foolishness] and your computer is just going deathly slow.

Things you can change easily

RIGHT Click on my computer> Properties> Read4 gigs is sufficient for the average power user, so if you have 2 or 3 gigs...Fret not.
Bombo.. and i jsut realized that i didnt put in my other RAM card properly and ive been running on 2GIGS>_< 

Things that are harder to change

ProcessorYou should have looked at this when you were buying the damn computer.More speed = Faster processing. Dual core does NOT = TWO PROCESSORS. It just handles multitasks better. Quad core *1 handles even better

Operating Systems

Windows Vista was almost as bad as Windows ME. Which, historically, has been the worst
 OS ever.Vista is pretty bad too mainly due to the reason that its prettyness and all those smooth minimizing animations add up.

To alleviate the Microsoftness you can
Right Click on My computer> Press advanced System settings[you should be in System Properties now> Advanced> Settings> Visual Effects
You can turn off individual options or you can just press adjust for best performance.
IT WILL LOOK LIKE WINDOWS 98....but it will go considerably faster.
Feel the difference.

Mac- Lol thats a whole different Blog EntryLinux - Ditto but less anger

Small tricks to speed up your Computer

Virtual Memory -
Not a well known method of increasing processor resources -  Effective However
Say your one of those people that just always got a couple 70 GB to spare like  me.You  can use Page Filing.This is similar to the sometime-ish usage of your HD except in this instance its always in use.Which also means you cant use this space to stor
e your stolen movies.
So more Speed FOR Less HD = Good Move

As long as you have the gigs to spare. A good 3 gigs of Page filing is useful

Right Click on My computer> Press advanced System settings[you should be in System
 Properties now> Advanced> Settings> Advanced [Virtual Memory]> Change> Press Custom Size [4095 Mb is maximum]

Virtual Memory doesnt run as well as regular RAM so its going to be a moderate effect.
Still a good idea though.

HDD Space - Hard Drive
This is a minor factor.This only becomes problematic when less than 5% of your hard drive is available. This is because your computer sometimes uses actually Physical space to serve as RAM when processing erquirements get high [*Cough cough Media Player*]

WinDirStat(Main Site)is a useful tool to locate and assess your hard drive.It shows you how much space every file on your computer is taking up in a graphical method.More often than not we forget about old files and they just sit and piggy back on your HD Download Here

Programs that load at start-up can make turning on your computer a tedious task.Start-Up managers can help with this or simply going into your Messenger , Limewire ,Torrent option and deselcting Run at start-up.

Also any program that you leave running for a very long time will begin to use more and more space as it loads more and more things into cache.Solution:Save whatever you were doing - Close the program - Re-Open. You wouldnt need to do this if you had a mac but hey...thats a hole different post.

Additionally some programs take a notoriously large amount of your processor space.Like Media player, Internet explorer etc. Press Control + Shift + Escape to directly open task manager.

Viruses - Spyware - Trojans -Worms etc
Get rid of them.Need i say more.

Battery - Plugged in VS Battery
I think we can guess which one goes faster?
nah im just messing with you...

And thats that.


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