Operation LionCash [No this wasnt my idea]

JESUS CHRIST ITS A LION! GET IN THE CAR! is an internet meme[catchphrase/phenomenon]
Any fad is a meme for example.
When one sees a lion >:3 one must get in the car

Operation Lioncash -Ye old History

Operation LIONCASH was initiated over 9000 years ago the stated goal being for each participant to print lions on as many of his or her dollar bills as possible, until all money is converted to lion money, thus uniting the world by breaking down financial barriers with a single currency!

The rewards are so great that Operation Lioncash must go ahead at all costs. Once the entire world is unified in the use of one simple universal currency -Lionmoney - the human race will suddenly be completely and forever changed.

Lion Cash Creation Tips
1.Lions Only
2.Conversely Only Lions

This is a great way to not be broke.When you see lion money you will shout...JESUS CHRIST ITS LION MONEY! GET IN MY WALLET!!
See,Insta savings.LOL

Although I was thinking I'd spend it fast to get it off my hands but hey, thats just me...Now you know.Get to work!

I'd do this just for lols by the way

This post was done for relaxation of my brain.After writing the last 3 posts my brain is tired

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This was found on Encyclopaedia Dramatica - The wikipedia for the internet. Go at your own risk lol. Ill leave you at the gate.

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