Geting Started: Supplies and the First Couple Assignments

UTECH Architecture: Getting acquainted with CSA

First off meet the studio.This is your home base for the next two years.
Meet the second years.We're all nice people, right guys?Class is split into 2 groups, A and B. People with names like Archie and Deadpool go in group A.Names like Spiderman and Xerxes go in group B. Group A and B have different time tables but lectures and Head studio are as a class.

Your Semester I Courses are as follows:
Math: R. Absin
Eye Studio: A. West-Martin + M.Stanley
Head Studio: D. Bailey
Hand Studio: D. Douglas + C. Limsang
Architecture in a World Context: Mr. A!!! (Aarons)
Communications (Various)
Information Technology (Various)
Community Service Project (M. Jarret)
I think thats all of them[if not, read your damn handouts]

Things you Need: The Choices

T-Square - Just make sure its long enough.My T-Square 'Crucifix' is a Wooden 42" and I also own a 36" Full metal named Wakizashi.Both work quite fine.

Eraser -Duh.

Set Squares - Duh.Measurements and inch rulings may come in handy

Pencils - Clutch/Push Pt/Regulars
I personally prefer clutch/Regulars for shading and Push Point for lines but its all up to you.

Utility Knives - Trapezoid/Paralellogram /Xacto
Personally i find the Parallogram* shaped blades to be the most economical and durable choice.Reason being while Xacto blades are far superior in sharpness they are expensive to replace and not as suitable for heavy duty work.The problem with Trapezoid blades is if one side dulls the only thing you can do is turn it around and then what?Replace Replace Replace. The parrallelogram blades canbe snapped off with a plyers and you have a fresh new blade to work with. Remember to purchase a sturdy handled knife.Heavy Duty plastic/Metal with a good grip.
* Im sure they have a real name but whatever.

Glue - Glue gun/Krazy Glue/Ponal
They're ALL good.Ponal is stronger than you think however it requires patience.
Krazy glue is your glue-all cement however it does leave white stains on certain materials.
The Glue Gun is not as strong and can be a bit messy but is easy to apply.

Storage - Art Tubes vs Portfolios
All you have to consider is if you want to lug around a big rectagular thingy to school.Tubes are smaller thats all. Either wayyou need one or the other to keep your work safe and dry.Or both.

Tubes will cause your work to curl which can be it annoying when you actually want it flat.Minor annoyance.

Cleaning - Erasing Pad/Condensed Erasing Pad/Cornmeal etc
Using something to keep your work clean is advised.A Erasing Pad or Shield/Pounce Pad w/e is essentially a sock filled with eraser shavings that you hit your work with to keep it from getting dirty.Theyre very effective.

The condensed version is my second choice if theres no one to scrounge off of.The condensed version only cost $20+ . You may know it as a eraser but i like to say Condensed Erase Pad.This will keep your work clean to an extent but drawing over it may leave little white spaces.

Cornmeal eh? Well still lumpy.Enjoy your ants or roaches lol. PROTIP: Try talc powder.

There are a lot of stuff on the list.
Make sure you Get what is required and Get the textbooks!!!

Eye Studio
You will be asked to create 7 Shapes in their Solid, Skeletal forms and draw both forms.

So we can say you will need Paper [Of medium weight] , Glue [Ponal is slow but neat]. Some kind of sticks [Bamboo skewers are the most common material and can be bought at Liguanea Drug and Garden Centre for $150JA

Tips for Paper Shapes
Reduce the amount of Seams and increase the amount of folds.
There are different ways to make the same shape!

This is time consuming.START EARLY

Hand Studio
Line Weights
You will be asked to draw a variety of shapes at different line weights
LOL um be neat.Make sure the differences between line weights are visible from a good 2 feet away.

Head Studio
The 12 Labours [of Heracles]
Generally all the assignments follow the same format.You are directed to read your text and provide a analysis, commentary or general exposition on the chapter(s) or assignment done

11x17 Paper -Mounting Inclusive.You can write or print.Hand drawn work to explain yourself is favored over printed images.The paper should be no thinner than cartridge. Linen Paper is nice to draw on but the C.S.A printery is unable to print on it well.The Utech printry is capable and does it at higher quality for double the price.

Same format for all assignments albeit one. Minimum 3 Sheets of information on a selected topic by Mr. A [A is for awesome]
Legal size paper - The long one. The class rates your information and presentation and acts as a portion of your grade

Dont Plagiarize or anything smart like that! Wikipasta-ing is plagiarism too

Other courses
The other subjects.You guys are smart you can figure them out by yourself
Oh an enjoy mathematics [rofl]

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i likes this the 1st years cant complain now


plus start reading experiencing architecture as soon as you get it. the first half of head studio is centered around that book

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