Utech Architectecture Interviews

Acceptance ,Portfolio and other Information - Article dated: Jan 2009

So you got past the preliminary filtering and they're asking you to come in for a interview.
What next?

What to do?

Put together your Portfolio in a folder large enough to hold your work.
Minimum of 10 items. No Autocad Drawing are acceptable.

Recently portfolio submissions have been expanded to include Photography and even literature but remember Always read the official documents and ask questions for confirmation.The staff are quite nice.

This expansion means that your SBA's and other draftwork, freehand drawings, paintings , photos of sculptures and other large artwork , Photography and Written pieces are now open for you to use. Try to have variety but also remember to use your strongest pieces.

Maybe youve read this far and said "Whats a portfolio?"

This thingy
It holds your work.

You can always buy one [$$$] or Make one usually out of sturdy card board[$] or chip board[$$]
Check the Art Centre Ltd for hiked up prices and materials

If you've got a friend or some idle fellow that has nothing to do but write blog entries on the inside,By all means ask them questions.

What to Expect?
  • To have a interview. Be well dressed, On time , Polite and RELAX!.Blah Blah Blah
I will refrain from giving a personal commentary on the Interviewers.However you can always head over to the CSA site if you want to see a mugshot of some of your future lecturers.
  • To show and comment/explain pieces in your portfolio
    A list of your pieces might be a good idea
  • Other General Questions
What kind of architectural styles do you enjoy?
Do you know of any architects? (Local/International)
What have you heard about CSA or what are your impressions of the school now?
Cliche stuff- Why do you want to do architecture?

  • To be given comprehension
A Sheet of paper is given to you with a passage where you will be asked to answer comprehension questions.

Example: My comprehension piece was about signs [Vague? Blame the foggy memory]

  • Other questions on the sheet include Hobbies and Interests , Sports etc.

What usually happens afterwards?
They take a while to get back to you.Especially if your interview was later down the line.
You can call them or they can call you. *shrug*

What if you don't get in?
If at first you don't succeed...You know the rest.
Advice: Pursue a course that is in tandem with the Architectural syllabus.Construction Technology will earn you some exemptions which will make your life a lot less hectic

What if you get in?
Welcome to a world of hard work , Sleepless nights , Finding out how comfortable a drawing table can be, Cool people and Juici beef patties.

Fine Print
All of their policies are subject to change and they are in no way obligated to inform me :P.This means that you MUST read the documents carefully and ask the staff at the front desk to clarify anything that is unclear.However i feel it is fairly unlikely portfolio guidelines will change any time soon.

Good Luck!


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