New Layouts - HELP

Looking at different layouts. I cant choose. HELP!
Art Theme - Demo Here

Wow RSS Feed + Comment Feed + Login Bar + Search + Menu bar + Recent Post Bar Nice
Notepad Style

WAAAAYYY TOO FLOWERY (Pinstripes...seriously?)

Creative Art Theme - Demo Here

Not flowery
Notepad style
Menu + Search
Comment AND Entry RSS feed
Flickr Photostream ???
- Not sure how im going to use that Off screen

Not Widescreen
Content area is thin

Desk Mess Theme - Demo Here

Menu Bar + Search Bar
Notepad style
Comment Numbers are shown

Could do with a bit more mess

Blogy Dead Them
e - Demo Here

Like the Design
Not Flowery

No menu bar
No Search Bar
No RSS feed button

Cant decide....
Should i keep searching?


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