Bits of Paris [05] - Versailles

Fun albeit itchy informal seating 



Bits of Everywhere [04] - I love Graffiti

French , Outside Centre Pompidou
Italian ,One of the beaches in Sorrento 
Pisa , Nice stencil work

Florence , these seemed to be part of an exhibition


Bits of Paris [03] - The French Pantheon




Mr A

Goodbye Sir


Bits of Paris [02] - The Frescoes of Abbesses

Metro-M.svg AbessesParis m 12 jms.svg
Abbesses , One of the many stops of the Parisian metro. Line 12 that took me to the Sacré-Cœur Basilica at Montemarte 
Abbesses is special because not only is it 36 metres underground its spiral stair case is decorated with hand painted frescoes the entire length up.
Of course there was an elevator but I refused to rob my self of the experience. 

The Abbesses station exterior also showcases a architectural love of mine.Art Nouveau.
Quite sadly I also didnt get to photograph it .Sorry guys.


Bits of Paris [01] : Photogrpaphy

Grand Palais Interior

Museum lighting is important for a number of reasons


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