Common CSA Issues :The Vox Pop

Caribbean School of Architecture 2009 - Studio Issues
Once people are around people conflict and issues will arise.The only way to avoid this is to never talk to anybody which will give you mental issues.So lets not run away from our problems shall we?

Is there a imaginary territory line in the studio?
There is no
strictly defined 1st Year or 2nd Year Areas.However just like how when one is around a fireplace, a circle is the natural way people will align themselves you find the second years congregate to the Left and the 1st Years work on the right*.

*Directions taken facing the back of the studio

Reserving Tables
This is a extremely annoying practice especially if you leave for long periods of time.This problem is often compounded by more than one people leaving work taped on tables for hours on end.Rendering the studio useless for work since there is now no space available.

Additionally in terms of regular studio class reservation.This is all good if you reach early.If you come
½hr late to class and "your" seat is occupied don't believe you have the right to demand it.It is a silly and useless quarrel that ensues.

Well the ruling Genres are Dancehall,Hip-Hop,Rap,Soul and a bit of Oldies*.Generally everyone is usually happy with whats playing.If its too loud,obscene etc by all means ask the person playing to turn it down/change the song or turn it off.

Two laptops shouldn't be played at the same time.This just makes the place noisy and both songs become indecipherable gibberish.

*sigh poor poor Jazz lovers like me.

Mentoring and Assistance
I will speak for myself only.I didn't ask the former second years nearly enough questions last year.Please ask questions.I myself have no problem giving any advice needed to those who ask.

The big brother system in my estimation failed last year [lol] This is the official mentoring program.Your big brother/sister gives you advice and guidance.Utilize them.

Theftage :D
Generally we look out for each others stuff.If you put down your laptop no C.S.A student is going to take it up.99.5% sure
I STRONGLY advise you carry your things with you and not put the safety of your belongings on someone elses head by making them watch it for you.

Things that get stolen
Pencils, Paper , Chip Board , Other stationary
I deduce that sometimes this is by accident or not a COMPLETELY devious and malicious act.Sort of :S

Hypothetical Scenario
Thefter: Aw man i left my Inch Ruler
[*Looks around studio , Spots a ruler*]
Thefter: Great ill just borrow this!
Thefter: Oh Fiddlesticks[lol] COMING!
[Runs out in a hurry and forgets to replace your ruler]
[You enter stage Left]
Irate Young Person: Where the CHEESEBREAD is my ruler??!!!

Back to my point.Pack up your stuff when your finished with them and don't leave things unattended.

Visitors in the Studio
To keep life simple.Visit your Visitors.Outside.
The last thing you want is something goes missing when your best friend happened to be in studio.Problems and more problems.

However if you do insist on bringing someone.Introduce them.
Do not have them just waltz in by themselves and do not send any non-C.S.A students to retrieve something for you.Get it yourself.

Food in the Studio
NO FOOD IN THE STUDIO! Eat on the step,chairs [outside] wherever.
Many people seem to disregard this rule.I sincerely hope this changes for the better

Studio Cleanliness
The studio can get to a very nasty state after big projects.Pick up your papers and trash.It would also be nice if more people pitched in to clean up the ENTIRE studio more often.


Clear Plastic Bottles are currently being placed in the Recycle Bin in the studio.Make sure the bottles are empty.

DO NOT SMOKE IN THE STUDIO. Go to the step [or the roof lol] and smoke.Not everyone thinks smoke is delicious.

Until i remember more stuff - That's it for now


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