To make the pain go away...


On panadeine F again. At least it has more Codeine in it this time around.I can see myself getting withdrawal symptoms when I'm done with this,

Dear Lord please make the pain killers kick in, Please make the pain killers kick in! OMG!

I'm just doing this because its better than just sitting around ...*throb* *throb**throb* = ouch ouch ouch

Byy the way I haven't said why I'm in so much pain.I had gum removed from one of my teeth.The procedure was fairly simple and it was less annoying than taking out my wisdom teeth[all of them]

Its hurting like hell now.I have gauze taped down in my mouth and they used a diode to seal the wound.Now i know how the mosquitoes feel when i zap them with the mosquito racket.

Ouch Ouch Ouch. Going back next Thursday to take out the stitches.Additionally they found out I may need to take out the tooth.Thats 5 teeth extracted if i go through with this.Which I probably am.

Oh great....Ouch Ouch Ouch
Argh! Why wont it start working!? Or put me to sleep!?

Blargh its not even like a head ache that fluctuates. It just kind of I dunno, is on all the time then it just crescendos and then my face is like >_< and then it goes away sort of then my face is like >_< .

I imagine the next couple of days are gonna suck,Did i mention my face is swollen? I surmise i may not be blogging as often as i usually do....

chuh [hiss teeth]


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