Just stuff - A Random growing post

  • So summer is still drolling on.Ill begin working soon, Joy...
  • Got a Huge 11" x 17" Sketch pad I love it.
  • I realized im a pretty intensive poster.
  • Humans are such interesting things
  • Invented Speckled Fried Pepper chicken today.Was actually edible and they liked it. Ill write a second compilation of all my food attempts when i make up summore.
  • I cannot draw anymore.Sigh a long time ago my mother destroyed some of my work :( I just completely lost my touch after that. Attempting to relearn drawing at least people while staying as far from anime as possible.
  • I miss many things. Friends, school. Interested to see the new batch of first years.
  • O GAWD I MISS MY CAT! If anything ever died for me that i have truly missed, It is my cat

I have a very large random folder [400 images] not as big as my Wallpaper folder however [1200+]


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