Soliloquy of sorts

Just talking to myself as per usual and pouring myself out to the vastness internet.
Today was a horrible day, not omg my cat died horrible just stuck-in-mud personal slump horrible.
Tired.Malcontent.Bad conversation.People playing loud dancehall.Very-few-things-matter-everything-can-go-to-hell mood *sigh*

I havent had a cup of good coffee in ages.I think Ill do that.Also haven't had a good glass of wine in a long while too.

This article really has no point.I cant find my book to write in so im writing here
Anything that comes to mind
Im a bit of a mild hypergraphic you see.The overwhelming urge to write -I usually don't want to until I'm in a bad mood which tends to intensify it all.

So i just write write write write.Cant believe I left the damn book.Anyway,Apparently a girl got raeped[sp.] outside my gate.Uncool. Its also 2x as hard to get into the complex now.

I should probably get some work done tomorrow.Semester is almost over.

Still not done writing but I don't really have anything to say. Haven't let it all out.

Not so random thought:
If you have no arms do you get sexually frustrated?

Need to exercise.Blah whatever.
Im done [For now at least]

Lol poor depression dog.Hes the saddest meme on the internet.Also booksack lol.


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