Unique Buildings + Math Question


Great site for buildings.All categorized for easy browsing.Check the Oddly shaped buildings category for good buildings for math homework

I am doing the Gheens Science Hall & Planetarium so choose something else.IMAGE BELOW IS NOT THE ONE IM DOING

Mathematics in Architecture

(1) Model

The model must be 3D say you like Eiffel Tower. So build a 3D about 2 ft tall. Highlight the curve which depicts the mathematical principles behind it.

(2) In an illustration board or cartridge paper, paste the printed 2D drawing of the model from the internet. Surround it with INFORMATION behind the model - the APPLIED MATH. Keep the wordings to the minimum. Use equations rather than long declarative sentences. Few words.

Evaluation: Model (Choice, color, coordination, pattern) 50%
Info Sheet (Accuracy, proportion, impact) 50%

Use LOCAL and FOREIGN IDEAS. I am sending you my home-sweet-home.

CHAIR: Amanda McCreath VICE-CHAIR: Kirk Lewis

Date of Exhibition: Nov 28, 2008 FRIDAY. Invite your family and friends. (AS1 MATH and AS2 MATERIALS and CONSTRUCTION)





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