Frank Gehry thinks Green building is bogus -My response

Frank Gehry architect
Green building practices are apparently not a concern to Frank Gehry, the architect who designed such famous buildings as the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles and the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain. At the opening of the Pritzker Pavilion from the Art Institute of Chicago last week, he was quite candid when asked about the role of green architecture in global warming. “I think the issue is finally a political one,” he replied. Gehry explained that the rating systems used by LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) contain a lot of superficial requirements — like bike racks — stating bluntly that “a lot of LEED is given for bogus stuff.”
Gehry went on to explain that the cost of meeting LEED green building standards are “enormous” and that “they don’t pay back in your lifetime.”
Even though architects such as Lord Norman Foster have designed impressive structures like the Swiss Re London headquarters that have passive heating and cooling features, Gehry made it clear that such criteria are not considerations in the architectural plans that he creates on a computer program used to design airplanes. So basically, Frank Gehry believes green building is bogus.  Do you think many traditional architects would agree with him? Original Article
The DarCH Response
BannerI most certainly don't agree.i know LEED is strict but there are steps that one must take to reduce our effect on the the world around us. I think Mr. Gehry some what feels a bit at a loss after making his interesting yet heat intensifying Titanium plated masses.Fun Fact:These had to be sand blasted to decrease their effect on buildings around them.
Actually buildings need not pay back in your life time.There are other things to think about other than just profit and loss.I am most definitely disappointed by Mr. Gehry.

I am currently reading the LEED and USGBC guidelines so expect this post to expand.

In Short : Stop Drinking Haterade Frank Gehry. The LEED protocol has its weaknesses but Eco-Friendliness and Sustainability are the only step forward for the planet. LEED, although it is not perfect, its core aspirations are the movement of the times. Get with it or get overtaken.

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