My hopes for 3rd year studio

Another year of studio another year of seeing all your studio mates again.
Dont wait till February to turn over a new leaf, there are things to fix.

Group Work.

1. Dont be a dick.Come and help.
2. This is for the stubborn people, you know yourselves.
Everyone cannot be head honcho at the same time.There are those that lead and those that follow.The ones who follow want to see a PLAN. All of you cant have your way at the same time.Relax your ego.

And to those who follow, Even if the leaders dont quite have it right.Come.Pitch in.Dont use the lack of a plan as an excuse to cop out of work.

And please dont walk in and criticize if you didnt help.Really.

3. Girls. You and I know you all have that one girl that you...would rather not be around...to put it lightly. What I ask you is when it is time for work both you and your enemy cut the crap and work. In fact I ask you for an even greater feat. Cut the crap all together.

4.Lastly.Its group work.Work in studio.As a group. That is all.


Now that we all ACTUALLY have a desk to ourselves are we really going to fight over which desk has been claimed by whoever...
Either way when the squabbling is done.Ill just find a desk.

Study Tour

1.Please dont go over there and make a fool of yourselves.You are C.S.A students and representatives of your Country(and we dont exactly have the best image to begin with)
Dont get piss drunk.Alcoholics know yourselves.Thats for kids.
Just dont do anything stupid eh?

2.Those who walk in the hot sun drawing and taking photos.Your work is considerable and you are given credit for it. Those who stay inside and compile the pages upon pages of documentation do not forget that their work is considerable also give them the credit they deserve.Its basically group work, no squabbling allowed.

Pavilion...That is all.

Footnotes: For those who are sayin in their minds "but ah who him how him fi ah seh bout and him nuh XYZ nani nani boo boo" I am in no part perfect but if something needs to be said I will say it.Im not attacking anybody.As you noticed no names were posted.I just want people to read it and know themselves.


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