The Precedent: Spaghetti house

The precendent study.For this project we were charged with analysing a house and also in the creation of a model that resempbled it.

The spaghetti house by L.A based David Baker was named afterits long footprint.It is comprised of two sections, the larger one for the owner and the smaller section to be rented.The house features Solar Paneling on both the southern wall and the central roof.The roofs tilted at Los Angeles' Latitude 35'

The house is one bedroom for each unit, both having a small kitchen and living area.The owners unit features a work area on the second floor and a small bridge to get to the decking where the solar powered Hot tub is located.

The architect himself lived there for a time.The road which touched the edge of the western facade has now been removed and replaced by grass area.Getting information about Spaghetti house was not easy.I had to personally email the architect to attain addresses and street level views to provide information such as vegetation and parking.

The house is organized simply yet effectively.With contractions and expansions to hint at and create privacy in certain spaces.The privacy of rooms in crease as one moves further away from the main entrance.

It is clad in timber from local artisans as part of a City wide movement to support woodwork in Los Angeles.
A straight forward project.

Spaghetti House Address
3035 Colby Street , Berkely , Califrornia
Aslo a big thanks to Mr Baker himself for supplyin the information that made this project happen

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