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Whats an Indie game?
Indie stands for independent. The little guys, not under a big game house like EA or Activision. Usually a group of friends or sometimes a single person that slaves over something to produce what is known as the indie game.

Indie games are usually small. 100 MB max. How much can one man do?
but don't let this turn you off. Size doesnt matter. Gameplay is everything and thats why theyve gained iconic status.



Completely hand drawn and rendered. Charming visuals and interestingly enough not a word is spoken.Not Free lol
A picture is worth a thousand words in this charming point-and-click adventure.8/10 at Gamespot So you cant say it hasnt caught the big-players attention

The World of Goo

A physics based puzzle type.It's gained huge success worldwide.Use your brain.Got quite popular in my class as soon as people sat down to try it.

Innovative, addictive, and delightfully weird, World of Goo is a superb puzzle game.GameSpot 9/10

Action [pew pew boom pow bang!]

Doukutsu Monotogari AKA Cave Story :3

A game of iconic status, a One man show, 8 bit run-and-gun of epic proportions.If you put Metroid, Super Mario , The Legend of Zelda and a lot of bullets together you get Cave Story.
May look old school but it is not easy, and it is not short either OH AND ITS FREE [legally]

User score of 9.5/10 from 233 votes
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Weird name I know.You are a spelunker[cave explorer] and your heading off in search of gold, fame and adventure, armed with your whip you enter the cave Indiana Jones style except your not the star of the show and you can die AND YOU WILL DIE.All the levels are randomly generated.This another of those one man shows thats taken iconic status,Is now being refreshed for a port to XBLA

A 9/10 game.It will keep you occupied. My current stats are 500+ deaths Zero Wins but im still playing
Gamesite and Free Download

[your little ship against thousands There can only be one.]

The Touhou Project - All 12 games

This is a old school shootmup except it falls in a special category known as bullet hell shmups. How can I say this...just look at the picture. You are that little red girl at the the bottom left.Dodge all the bullets coming at you, while shooting the boss.Yes there is a boss.Look closely lol

All free.All insanely hard, All fun
Game Site and Downloads Full Set (TPB)

Sub CategoryMusic [yes music]

Beat Hazard
Beat Hazard

This game takes YOUR music, analyses it and generates a level based off it. Heavy visuals.If you have epilepsy, I dont suggest you play this game.Seriously. Its pretty and fast paced and its interesting to see how your songs play out

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Have fun.Support the little guys.
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