Trinispeak - DarCHCOMIC

A little bit got cut off.so you can click to enlarge if you want.

Starring: T-Roy and Chin.
this was actually fun to do...took me awhile though.A couple of days work after you get the background down and the first page it really isnt that hard.

Also Ideas anyone? Drop them anywhere. In the ask me anything section, my fb page, twitter where ever.

Trini asks you something and you didnt understand? just say 'Doubles Jed Hoss' :D


Ricardo said...

Sweet hoss. I'm guessing the process was sketch on paper >> Scan >> Illustrator. Or do you have one of those wacom tablets. In the process of making my own comic, just working out characters really. LOL @ the text below.

S. Alistair Blackwater said...

Honestly i Have yet to download illustrator.I should since its 'better' but I've been damned lazy though.Finally getting CS5 suite.
So this time Sketch > Scan > PS 100%

Ricardo said...

Zn.. thanks.

How Ard said...

This sick Dread !!

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