Born in Jamaica, my parents went to England to study when I was young and thats where this post begins...

- I did kindergarten and nursery school in England.
Ms Eirwen :D
- I went to whittington Primary, I was the only remotely black kid in the entire school.My best friends were two siblings named Molly blonde and the dusty haired Rackster [yes, his name was Rackster]. they lived on a farm...way out in way out there. A few years back I went back to whittington and met up with them briefly twas cool meng.

- I remember the first time seeing hail and trying to taste them.Come on , it was ice and snow tasted alright and it reminded me of skittles.[In my defense: I was young] . I remember my teacher draggin me out of the imminent hailstorm, she must have been wondering 'Where this mad head boy come from?" . She's dead i heard :[

Yes, this was the uniform
- I remember white children confusing me greatly by asking me weird questions while rubbing my skin asking 'If it can come off?' and 'How I got my hair so curly?"

- I remember these two rascist kids that would have nothing to do with me.Dont worry I just played with the rest of the class.

Travels and Anti-Lulz

- I remember attempting to eat a poisonous plant in Italy....I dont know WHAT possessed me :S
- I remember trying quite earnestly to save my father from a bee sting by stupidly hitting the bee with my bare hand . Not Fun >_<
- I remember chicken pox and I remember hallucinating that my mother had horns and smiley faces were coming out of the pillow [Allergic Reaction]
- I remember going on one of those pendulum theme park rides and the safety bar locked over but I was too skinny so I literally had to brace myself or I would have fallen out and most certainly died.Damn fat americans their bellies just folded over the railing. >_<

more like a snowmound
*ba dum tiss*

- I remember when daffodils came up in spring and when I made my first sorry excuse for a snowman in winter time
- I remember the suit of armor that was at the landing of the apartment and how I hated walking past it -_-
- I remember watching Sesame Street and Electric Company.

- I remember ad free english television and stuff like Star Trek and Zena Warrior Princess

- I remember having porridge for breakfast, and Potatoes or Mac n Cheese for dinner EVERY DAY [I exaggerate not] I STILL hate potatoes.
I remember my goddamn cousins Vacuuming my head. Idle bastards :P

I remember many things many incidents , countries and people in my life...too many for this post
well not really lol


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