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Biofuel sweating organisms

Little bacteria that just sit on their solar lounge chairs and sweat out diesel.Awesome right?This isn't wholly new but is a major improvement over the old way of doing things where the poor bacteria had to be squashed to get out the precious fuel.Now we can skip all that.

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The Printer that prints sculptures.

What architecture students dream about.The D-Shape prototype printer.This printer could print your model in a considerably shorter time than you sit slaving over it with an X-acto knife.Super shortcut sadly is gonna  cost super cash >_&lt: It works by starting with a layer of sand after which the model is built up layer by layer.Technology :3    Full article

Reverse Graffiti?

Graffiti :3 This is graffiti that isn't illegal and actually is doing something good for the city.These guys walk around looking for grungy walls.Armed with soap and other dirt combatants they scrub off the grime to create murals at scales worthy of praise. Full article

Heavy Reading: The concrete Desk/Bookcase-in-1

I love bookcases, especially when they're full of books.Now why not have a cool table with just as amny books in it to go with it?
I really love this desk.It would be hell to move though :P Full Article

Reversed Volumes. Plates and Bowls

Ceramics cast out of fruits and vegetables.
I for one would NOT eat out of that. Period.
Worse when it gets dirty!...how in the world do you clean that?

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The microwave for Geeks
This sleek device scans the end of the fork with each of these Brainwave compatible meals and automatically adjusts the temperature.And when your done you can turn it upwards and use it as a notice board.I hope for further advances in this for semi-chefs like myself.Soon it will scan everything! like poptarts and Chef Boyardee

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