Whats in a name?

The history and rationale behind my many monikers.
In Chronological order.
anonimi - I had just discovered 4chan and internet culture and somehow the name was just always available.
I find it absolutely annoying when you type in a bag of names and you keep getting 'Im sorry this username is taken' Problem solved.

The Cynic - *yuck* angsty teen years. That's what I was, wasn't fun.

LEON- I have no clue.

Mr. Leon Turpentine - The name I've settled down on. One day I said 'I need a last name'. I was actually considering Constantine for a surname but I thought that was too pretentious and chose something a bit more eccentric. I have no clue how Turpentine ended up in my head but that it did and Mr. Leon Turpentine was born.

Alistair Blackwater - Current appellation closest to my real name.Alistair is my middle name which I actually like.I honestly don't like my first name simply because if anyone calls it out its near inevitable that 4 people are going to look around.Blackwater is the English translation of the Gaelic Dubh Glais and that is the family I belong to.A fairly old Scottish family with a long history. The motto is 'Never Behind' :P

What's next? I don't know. I've taken quite a liking to my current nicknames.

What does your name mean?
Does your surname have a history?
Check it out you might be surprised.


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