Customizing Rainmeter Tutorial: Changing fonts,colours and more

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So you've customized your desktop with all these cool widgets but you want more , right? Getting into the editor is nothing hard. Really.

 Inside every rainmeter widget is a .ini file.This is the control panel for each widget.What you want is to open it with Wordpad/Notepad and begin editing.Once again I assure you its nothin hard, most rainmeter developers label everything as to make it easy on normal people like you and me.

First things first, Extract your pack by putting the pack folder in the ...Rainmeter/Skins folder.
Locate the widget you want to customize. (e.g the notes widget).Open the .ini file with notepad.

Fonts and formatting
Font type
Now to change the font is simple.All you need to do is replace the current font name with the EXACT name of the font you want to change it to.
FontName=Segoe UI
FontName= Reservoir Grunge

Font colour
Now you should see a code in either 2 formats on is
Hexadecimal codes such as this colour is #38761d
RGB values is a mixture of the three  this colour is 56,118,29
Worried how your going to make these codes? Go here at this free online colour picker 

Select and substitute!

You can usually change the font height ,and formatting such as italics etc

Changing colours
Changing background colours etc is exactly same as above just selct and substitute.
BoxBG=255,255,255 <--White

Functional areas
Changing which Drive a widget redirects to?
Just substitute the desired drive to the new one you wish to monitor.

Changing drive names and other text
Other static text can usually be changed simply by changing is

Changing where your notes are stored.
First thing is to make sure you even have a file in the first place.If there is no /txt file to read from the notes widget will just be blank.So go ahead and create your .txt file in the desired location.
Now the default may be something like
And you want it in your downloads folder just find out the path of your downloads folder.
Copy and Substitute! C:\Users\Owner\Downloads


General tip.
Be bold. Mess around with stuff. ASK QUESTIONS.
Dont be afraid to break the widget.After all you can just re download and it'll be good as new again :3

Happy tweaking.
Ask me anything pertaining to rainmeter.

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