From Jamaica to Miami - Day 1 and beyond

Day 1 - Sketching in Public

I'm really impressed with what they have done with the Norman Manley International Airport in Jamaica.Its a heven of trusses, transparent panels and the controversial hinge joint. Now irregardless of if you hate hinge joints or not the NMIA has been redesigned and refurbished to a point that puts it in the realm of international standard airport and I've seen quite a few.Not only in design. The circulation is simple and well marked out.The seating is comfortable and spacious.

I only saw one thing wrong. Guess what. Guess.
A sign.One sign had some bad typography. Sorry its a bit of an obsession.

Now today I learnt that if you sketch in public , people will talk to you. Be prepared to answer questions and for people to ask you what your doing.

End of Day 1


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