The 4th of July - Not what you expect.

The 4th of July.
Rockets . Firecrackers [ clappers in Jamaica ] and all the fireworks you can think of in one day.
Pretty lights and Excitement?

Not for me or my family. American 'clappers' are a lot louder than the Jamaican ones and despite knowing that fireworks were going to be lit, Seeing the lights for half an hour and generally accepting that this would be going on all night...

Every time the fireworks went off it was hard not to jump.I especially disliked them geting lit behind me.
Senses pricked at each explosion .
Its a sad reality.How despite knowing one is in a safe environment reflex actions take precedent.This is the degree to which crime affects our citizens. I've never seen a gun in the hands of anyone other than law enforcers, I dont live in a unsafe area.I dont hear gunfire on a regular basis.Imagine a resident of the site of recent political unrest, Tivoli gardens. Or any other oppressed area for that matter?

I wonder what sounds, colours and smells that trigger negative feelings in people of other nationalities?


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