5 Architecture Blogs that are above the mundane

A Lot of "Architecture Blogs" out there just, copy paste, pick the best picture then Link and call it a day.
This post is dedicated to the blogs and resources out there that make an effort to give their readers something new and unique.


A popular arch blog. Manaugh writes on a variety of Architectural subjects something there is sure to interest you
Art and Design blog that really brings some fresh stuff to the table.


This is pretty heavy reading.That might turn off lots of people but dont knock it till you try it.

Jody Brown
Sketch everyday has a wonderful concept which im sure you've guessed already.A daily dose of architectural drawings.Its a good practice too for architects and students alike.
Sketch everyday is part of the InFILL group of sites check them out Here.

This is one of my favourites .Eikongraphia brings you some exotic articles that are so completely fresh, deep and insightful.So this was firmly planted in my number one spot but hey be your own judge.

Other Unique sites are 
Coffee with an Architect
ArchMaiik - An Architectural Comic

Oh and feel free to drop a comment saying "But what bout this blog?!"
Its always good to explore more stuff.


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