15 Gifts for an Architecture Student

In some haphazard order of importance. 

15 Pens - Rapidographs , Koh-I-noor , Microns ,Calligraphy pens,Gel ink and even Ball points are great. Re-fill ink is another idea.
14 Pencils and Markers - Prismacolour markers,pencil crayons and Pastels.For pencils get a range of pencils 6B to 6H
13 Paints - Acrylic , Watercolour , Gouache ,Oil paints, Ink . Its good to ask what medium they prefer.
12 THE BORING STUFF - Sketch Pads, Erasers , Sharpeners, Set Squares, all the run of the mill things that sound like lame presents but ARCHITECTURE STUDENTS NEED THEM. (Moleskines :D )
11 Large format Portfolio - To hold all their art and materials [24x36"]

10 A Place to sleep other than the ground -Cots , Inflatable beds , Sleeping bags
9 Coffee. - Get them some JABLUM. Best in the world
8 Electronics - Headphones to get in the zone,Camera to take pictures of your work , Scanner , Laptop, Printers the list goes on...
7 Drafting Table - Now they can work at home...sometimes
6 Power Tools -Get things cut and get them cut fast., Hand-held , Nothing huge and clunky,
Rotozip Saws [Recommended] ,Mini Circular Saws , Jig Saws etc

5 A sweater - ♫ For those cold lonely nights ♪
4 Arch Mag Subscription - Reading material is always great
3 A graphics tablet - Cannot stress how useful these are. Wacom sells these
2 Architectural books - Please see #4

1 Sleep. Give em a break sometimes


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