Final project requirements


Presentation Requirements

Handin for Project 03 is Thursday April 15 @ 4pm

You are required to submit 3 sheets of 18”x24” drawings with the following information:

• A site plan/layout defining the relationship of the home to landscape features, site circulation, and off-street access.
• A scaled plan reflecting the ordering of spaces and circulation in accordance with the stated concept of home.
• Building elevation/s as required to show envelop materials, proportions, and general character.
• A full or partial building section drawn at an appropriate scale. Section and details are to include correct graphic symbols and text.
• Information about the sustainable strategies integrated in the home
• Written statement about home and the concepts embedded in it.
• A monochrome mass model to fit on the class site model (1:200).
• A larger model that indicates the 3D ordering of the spaces

Any questions regarding presentation requirements? Make a comment in the comments section of this post.
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