The new place to get wallpapers : Wallbase.net

The new place to get walls

> > WALLBASE < <
With a whopping 354000+ wallpapers and counting you wont be short of variety

.Everything from Scenery to cars to anime whatever you like its probably there.It works by scraping [gathering up good data] from 4chan a site as useful as it is controversial.After scraping it brings all these walls to you so you dont have to do any searching.Dandy? Isn't it?

: /hr/ is the High resolution board.Don;t try loading this with Dial up
/w/ is the wallpapers board for ANIME
/wg/ is my favourite board for EVERYTHING ELSE

NSFW stands for Not safe for work = Porn
SFW is safe.Obviously.

You can also search by colour.

Backstory Blah-de blah

I was looking through my blog and saw an old post on where i used to get wallpapers.

Now they're both dead.

4scrape and 4walled.God rest their soul.So I wrote this.


Fr :Turpentine


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