Labour 6 HANDOUT

For those particular individuals (like me) that destroy /lose paper like crazy

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Missing text on page one is 'Symmetry' and 'Colour' and 'dealt'

Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow -  Casa Battlo, Barcelona - Schroder House, The Netherlands - Falling Water, Pennsylvania - The Alhambra, Granada Katsura Palace, Kyoto Farnsworth House, Illinois - Guggenheim Museum, New YorkSydney Opera House, Sydney - Sendai Mediatheque, Japan- Kimbell Art Museum, Texas Villa Capra, Vicenza - Villa Stein, Paris - Barcelona Centre Pompidou, Paris - German Reichstag, Berlin - Marie Short House, Australia - Church of the Light, Japan - Magney House, Australia-  Goetz Gallery Munich-
 Pavilion, Barcelona -

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u forgot teh page with the list of places we can choose from

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