Cooking with Shaun (Caution)

Food (sort of)

Sexy Bread
Instructions - Get a slice of bread.Put maple syrup on it.(Both sides) Put it in the toaster the end result will equal yum

Shaun Egg
Instruction - Get a pot some salt and pepper.Put some salt and pepper in the pot.Crack the egg drop it on top of the salt.(Remember ur in a hurry to get to crit) Cook (Duh) voila protein!

Lettuce Burrito
Instructions - Get some tuna. Grate some cheese on it. (that takes time you should probably con someone into doing it for you) Heat it up so the cheese melts. Mix it around.Put it in a leaf o lettuce and Bon appetit!

Le Bread al la Bread (My PERSONAL favourite ten thumbs up)
Instructions - Get a slice of bread . Stare at it and wonder if this is REALLY all your gonna eat and realize that you can do BETTER THAN THIS rawr!. So....Get another slice of bread . Put em together. OM nom nom nom nom... Presto nutrition!
Drinks (Definitely not non-alcoholic of course)

All recipes invented by yours truly
names included

Powerthirst ROAR!
- Gatorade + Smirnoff Twist - Apple + 1 Drop bitters + 1 Lime

Hermosa - Ugli* Juice + Lemonade + Orange Squash + Apple Vodka

The Venetian Snare - Milk + 4 Coffee Beans ** + Coco Mania Coconut Rum + Tia Maria (Vanilla essence or Vanilla Smirnoff Optional)

Straight up CALCIUM!! - Milk + Rum Cream
Drink milk for strong bones!!

*Its a large citrus larger than grapefruit with a tangy flavour
**STRICTLY Blue Mountain coffee beans -- the best in the world

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