Architectural Information and General sources of information

Just some places you can find information:

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Wikipedia Although not a valid information source (for obvious reasons) very often, well written articles will have a plethora of information at your disposal IN THEIR REFERENCES SECTION

Answers.com Ok site - sort of a bit concise in presentation although they do grab the information you request from various sources so you get a little variety

Encyclopaedia Britannica Ok very official and stuff, however their not completely free so that's bad. Accurate information however

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Great Buildings Online Tons of info and Hi - REs pictures on buildings and a very wide range of information on architects ( depending on the architect of course)

Artcylopedia Well i mean i think you get the point right? It a big glomp of information on art! Naturally architecture is in it so you might just find something useful

CSA Forum Yes theres actually a forum.I was seeing how far back on google my blog is when you write in Utech Architecture(im page 3-5) and i stumbled upon the forum.Next year the forum will be a little more relevant to us, but go check it out, lurk around a bit...might see something


Our UTECH LIbrary!! Yea! get up off your rear and go walk over there and borrow a book.There are actually lots of good books that aren't long or have fine print you know!

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