Male Shopping Survival Tips

1. Dont Go in the first place

2.Get in, Get out(This rule is not universal, guys)

3.In the dire event that she is trying on everything in the store
You will tire yourself into the 6th Netherworld. Find the nearest chair ,railing , ladder etc lest your life forces be drained

"Official Shopping Outlet Clause"

All stores authorized for sale and distribution of female clothes, shoes and other apparel
shall adhere completely and without fail to the following laws:

Law I
Have adequate seating for a male counterpart for every prosective female customer
Law II
A TV with Sports, A movie and News showing shall be on at all times in a convenient location
A bar with assorted beverage shall be installled

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Alistair Douglas

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Arc-IT-Studio Architecture said...

lolol @ #2 ~~~>'Get in, Get out(This rule is not universal,'

men... lazy alcoholic sports fanatics... tsk tsk

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